Our challenge for March was Wireless freedom and so many of you have opted to make your bras wire-free. The most popular pattern was the Sweet Sixteen Bralette pattern – the second was Ingrid. Let’s see how you did it with our Wireless freedom Challenge Entries.


I just made this bralette for my niece from the PUG bralette pattern.The cups and front are made from 100% cotton and the back band out of cotton jersey. I lined the cups with the same cotton jersey for softness.I lowered the front by cutting an inch of the top of each cup.I had findings from an old RTW (too bad they are not lilac or violet). The straps can be worn crossed in the back because I put a bathing suit small hook at the end.Isn’t that freedom  : no wires, and wear it the way you wish crossed back or standard on your shoulder straps!

Desiree (Holland)

We love wires over here. So I had to think creatively to come up with something different. I started with a set of girls’ underwear in lollypop stretch fabric. It is size 12Y. Still have a bit fabric so maybe I can use it in a bralette, but sorry no promises…

Michelle (Canada)

Here’s my entry for this month’s Wireless Freedom Challenge. I am hoping to get another bralette done too.
This is my Ingrid bra. I made this with scuba (a first time for me) and used the wide comfort elastic. It is really comfortable, and this one fits perfectly!

I made this bralette with the new Sweet Sixteen pattern, and made the all lace option. 

Charlene (Canada)

Hello again! I hope everyone at the store is doing well.
It’s me again, Charlene from Saskatchewan. I was going to do an Ingrid for this month but I needed another sleep bra, so here is a PUG bralette done in Scuba. I removed about 20%  around the width to account for the stretch, since I didn’t line it, and increased the height at centre front so I wouldn’t squeeze out. I also made a fabric strap, since I used leftover findings and didn’t have enough strap elastic, and band elastic for a proper ribcage fit (one of my fitting challenges).  The fabric is camo scuba from BMS and I think it would look great with copper findings!

Virginia (Canada)

Dear Fairy Bra Mother and Fairy Bra Sisters,

Shelley lives up to her reputation for full support and a flattering fit. The duoplex upper cup of my entry adds comfort by controlling upward motion of the breasts and the neckline edge is finished with fold over elastic to provide just that little bit of extra coverage at the front. The theme of this challenge and the colour of this bra make me want to call this “Shelley sings the blues” in honour of the late, great Aretha Franklin.
Singing “Freedom! Freedom! Freedom, oh free-dom!”

Rachel (Canada)

Hello! I was excited to do this month’s challenge as I have slowly started to recognize that a wireless bra can be flattering and not just be floppy and squishing at the same time (how does that even happen?!) I, in my infinite wisdom, attempted too many changes at once and ended up with a wireless bra that *sort of* fits but is really too small to model for you, but I love how it turned out aestheticly. So here it is. I followed the advice in Beverly’s blog regarding adjusting the Ruby to a wireless version, by raising the front and underarms (I did 1”).  I wear a 4.75 so I used that pattern. I also wanted it to be a pull-on, which is where I messed up. I converted the back to a peekaboo racerback but didn’t account for the loss of the hook and eye, so it’s too small, which also smooshes the cups into my breast tissue.  If any of you have suggestions for how to alter this to get another 1.5” or 2” without losing the details, I’d love to hear them! Really, it’d probably be faster to remake it.  Thanks for challenging me, BMS!

Louise (Canada)

I made 2 wireless bras this month. I made an Ingrid for my Mom which was too small, and I finally put together the Sweet Sixteen I cut out for January last year. Lol. It fits! At least it does after I took 2 ” off each side of the back band because my kit had stretch satin instead of double knit power net. I layered a sheer purple ribbon over the lilac elastics, & used purple elastic from Purdy’s Chocolates instead of FOE, again because my kit didn’t have it. I made do with what I had because I intended to wear it as a sleep bra but it is too cute!#bramakerschallenge2019

Christine (Canada)

Here is my submission to the Wireless freedom Challenge.  Although it still doesn’t fit to my liking I have made many this past month trying to find one that fits.  This one got a photo.

I had used powernet (fabric is scuba) to line that bra and it just folds in half (across apex upper cup to lower cup).  I am unsure if I need to change the direction of stretch or decrease the cup curve for my low projection!!Or leave it unlined? Or do the scuba over foam?

Gayle (Canada)

I never thought I would ever comfortable wear a wireless bra.  Not only comfortable, but supportive.

 I love the lace version of the bralette pattern and can’t wait to make more in fabric and maybe try my hand at making a lace covered foam bralette.

I love the bralette pattern.   The fit and comfort level is fantastic.  Looking forward to making more and trying my hand at the various styles.

Jodi (USA)

For this month’s wireless freedom challenge, I made two bras for a brave warrior who lost one breast to cancer. She has chosen to accept her body the way that it is and wants to go without a prosthesis, so I made her two heavily modified sweet sixteen bras to suit her new body. The tears of joy she shed when first trying these on made me so grateful that I was able to make these for her. I used duoplex, power net and fold over elastic. I made the long line version, but added an extra inch to her liking. 

Virag (Hungary)

I am a beginner in the field of bra making, but Beverly’s classes on Bluprint helped me a lot in sewing one of my first bras, so I am sending my application to the challenge. Base of my bralette is pattern Hanna by Studio Costura, but I had to make some alterations (I wear 42D RTW size). I added a power bar between the lace and the lining and used wider bottom elastic to give better support. In addition, I changed the band (what I found to narrow for me) and used the back band of Ruby bra. I am satisfied with the result, this bralette is very comfortable, so I can enjoy the advantage of  “wireless freedom”.

Sonia (Canada)

Hi, I’m Sonia from Québec, Canada.
I made a very simple lace bralette using the Sweet Sixteen Bralette
Pin Up Pattern as a base and the instructions from the Make & Fit Bralettes Book to change the pattern.

To modify the pattern, I fixed the two cup pattern together using the
front band as a guide to have the good bottom cup curve. I traced a
line squared with the center front touching the bottom cup and passed
it. Then I traced and other line squared with this line and up to the
side of the cup. On each side of the cup, starting where the strap
will attach, I traced a line going down to the corners keeping this
way the good proportions for the cups.

I sew the cups like in the pattern instructions.

Then I just cut a piece of plush waistband elastic for the bra band. I
fixed the lace cup to it with a three step zigzag. the bralette attach
with a two hook and eyes back closure.

I hope my English is good enough so you all understand what I just
tried to explain!
Thank you

Roni (Israel)

This month I made the Sweet Sixteen Bralette, which was nice as most of my regular bras are too small as I’m nearing the home stretch of this pregnancy. The fabric is a black scuba knit. I originally cut a K cup, with a regular length band for 96cm as I measured 94cm. It was too large and I cut a 91cm band. That, too, was too large and I ended up making a 76cm band for the K cup. For some reason, the back band rides up a bit, but I’ll work on this. The front is a bit too “closed” for me and I’ll try to lower it a bit with the next try. As I’m nearing the end of the pregnancy, I’ve already added the nursing hack. All in all, the bralette gives really good support and is really comfortable for daily wear. 

Christel (Netherlands)

Pattern  is one I had in my stash .Bra is made from lace and lycra.

Louise (Belgium)

Louise from Belgium. Going wireless was a real challenge for me. I chose a pattern from my collection of patterns and a self drafted brief pattern. I had to remove quite a bit from both sides to make it fit, but now happy with it. Fabric is a bamboo knit with 30% stretch. Next time I’ll try something with more support.

Cassy (Canada)

Here is my bralette submission. It’s a mash-up of Sweet Sixteen and my own classic pattern changed to a vertical seam.  I lined the lace with teal sheer cup lining although It’s hard to see in the picture.  


My first attempt at making the sweet sixteen bralette pattern. The size I selected fits wells and is comfortable. I use the fabric I had on hand, dog paw prints and all. All the findings are from Bra-maker Supply.
My next one will have a lower level top of the cup and front as I am petite. This one is just a little bit too high under the arms.


I’d like to submit my entry for the wireless challenge this month. 
I took Beverly’s Sweet Sixteen Bralette Class (in Hamilton) and I absolutely loved the pattern! I was looking forward to making something that would give me some support while I sleep. I wasn’t sure that a patterned labelled “sweet 16” would be big enough for me, but it was written with my size so I jumped right in, and after Beverly did her fitting I was very confident that this would work for me. I chose some racy colours so I could at least keep a touch of sexiness to my plans. I wasn’t able to get the bralette finished in class, probably because I was having too much fun chatting and getting myself distracted. I finished it in a few hours a couple of weekends later. It was so comfortable that after I’d finished sewing it all together, when I put it on for the final fit, I didn’t want to take it off! So I didn’t. I’ve since gone and bought more stretch lace to make many many more bralettes to add to my collection, and I would like to learn the foam sewing technique so I can make one with foam cups. I’m very happy about the fit and how good it looks under my clothes. 
Thanks for offering this class!

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