This past month we challenged you to use lace and a sheer fabric together in the same garment. They are sheer-ly amazing entries! Here are your Lacey Daze of Summer challenge entries.


Attached is my entry for sheer and lace.  Used sweet 16 pattern with Sheer cup lining with lace overlay. 


Well it seems my last two bras are exactly what the challenge requires this month So I’m entering them both  Both the Shelley 2.0   both in sheer cup and embroidered bra tuile lace. 


Charlene from Canada, back again. I didn’t get past the pattern stage on the bridal wear (a black corset for my sister) or the swimwear (a tankini top with built in floating bra) but I’m back for Lacey Daze with an Ingrid I made for my aunt.  The centre is lace over sheer cup lining. It also has my first (and probably last) front zipper closure. I struggled for quite a while figuring out how to do the zipper, even with Beverly’s blog post, but I got it in without adding width and I think it looks okay. Also the zipper does not catch on the lace!  I am looking forward to seeing everyone else’s entries!


For my August submission I wanted to take a little bit of a different take on the sheer and lace. My sheer and lacy parts are not on the same part of the bra. I’ve used lace for a lovely Ruby. And a burnout stretch material for the band. It’s not all sheer, but there is still sheer there.


Hi, I’m Nicole from Australia. I used the Shelley bra pattern to make my Lacey Daze of Summer challenge entry. For extra detail, it has a pink leaf pattern embroidered on the edge of some seams and up the strap. The strap also has ribbon pipping along the inner edge. It is the first time I’ve made it and it fits nearly perfectly.


Here is my entry for August, sheer cup lining and lace.  It is a 3 piece vertical line self draft. Finally cut into my kits that I have had for a few years!  I too have a ‘hoarding’ problem with lace.


A Lacey daze of Summer challenge entry from one of our staff members! This is the new Linda in sheer cup lining and yellow lace. She dyed all the findings to match!


Dear Ladies of Bra-makers Supply,
Here is my project for the Lacey Days of Summer. My elderly mother has osteoporosis. Her back curves forward and to the right. She likes the Ingrid bra I made for her last year. However, we agreed a longer line in the back would improve fit and comfort. I cut out the Alison in powernet to use as my base. A centre back seam allowed me to improve the fit over the curve of her back. I made up the Ingrid with foam cups this time and extended the width of the power bar so I could find the right placement height and pin in place while she wore the Alison base. Once I was satisfied with the fit I used a fabric marking pen to mark the finished length going around her torso so I had a guide for plush band elastic placement. You can see there is significant asymmetry, but when Mom has it on, it looks straight. A really enjoyable project. Diane


I am actually submitting early this month!  I’ve made long leg undies to wear under skirts.  It’s a beautiful stretch mesh paired with my usual stretch lace for the waistband and legs.  


Hello, from Czechoslovakia. I would like to participate in the Lacey Daze of Summer challenge. I made this bralette out of nude sheer powermesh with a lace overlay and lemmed by fold over elastic. The nude part is giving nice nude feel with its semisheer look so it is more like fake strappy design. It is really soft and comfortable with clasic hook and eye closure. I used the bralette pattern. 


Hello, The below bra is my entry for the Lacey Daze of Summer challenge.  It is the Ruby bra pattern make with blush sheer tulle and white embroidered lace on white mesh.  Pattern alterations include raising the underarm and neckline to make it a full-coverage cup.  The inside of the bra has silk bias to cover the seams since the lace is stiff and the cut edges prickly. To provide more support, I added an internal power bar made of silk cut on the fold. Have a great day,

Louise F

For the lace & sheer challenge, I am submitting a beige sheer Classic with a coral decorative external lace powerbar/sling combination. The foam in the second picture is only for display & is not part of the completed bra. The back story is this was my blushing bride entry & I had intended to make a Classic 2.0 for this month but have not been able to sew at all with a cast on my arm since mid-July. I’m really looking forward to sewing again! Louise


My submissions for august, the patterns are made by my self. 


This is my summery, Lacey and a touch of sheer bra. I am so excited now to wear one of my new bras without a prosthetic any longer.


Stephanie from Ottawa, Ontario here.  I am quite pleased that I managed to finish my entry in time to submit it to the contest.  My entry is a modified ‘Heather’ bra (inspired from the Craftsy course).  At Boob Camp, Denise helped me adapt my Classic pattern to have a front closure, the extended front tabs with a wider band and a lacy Y back.  I also added a set of hooks so I can adapt the band if my weight fluctuates. Fit is good and the Y lace back is very comfortable, keeping the straps secure and away from the neckline of my tops. As you can see in the pictures, I was really happy with how the mirroring on the lacy Y came out initially.  However, when I put it together, it gaped at the centre back and needed darts to be added.  Lesson learned – I’ll only do lacy Ys with stretch lace in the future!  I also used more lace than I needed to at the bottom of the Y… Still, not bad for my 3rd completed bra, eh? 🙂


Oehhh just in time this month. Due to very hot summer temperatures my sewing atelier at attic is not the coolest place to be. But I love this model in lace very much and that compensates a lot. Romantic pastel colour.


This month I used the Amethyst pattern to create a bra with a black and pink lace and a black sheer fabric. It was really hard as I don’t have lots of experience sewing with this sheer fabric and I ended up sewing things inside out and had to do a lot of unpicking. I didn’t put underwires in this bra as I’m still nursing. I was quite surprised that the amethyst I sewed up earlier this summer is actually really supportive despite not having underwires. I haven’t sewn the channels shut, so I may or may not add them later.  Other than that, I’m not the greatest photographer and if you have any tips for photographing bras, I’ll be delighted to hear it. It’s hard to see it when it’s lying flat and I don’t have a dress form. Roni from Israel


I’m Sonia from Québec, Canada. Here is my entry for August. I made an ivory panty, (that look beige on the picture!) with Power net, for transparency and support, stretch satin, and lace. Unfortunately, I just came back from vacation and it would seem that I wasn’t fully operational cause I made a rookie mistake! I cut the DoGS of the power net the wrong way! Too bad for the support part!


For the Lacey Days of Summer challenge, I used bra tulle and stretch lace to make this self-drafted bra. The power bar has two layers of bra tulle for extra power, but everything else is single layer. I love how lightweight it feels! It was my first time using vertical wires for me and I like how they fit. I can’t wait to wear this!


My entry for the Lacey daze of summer. I used the Amethyst pattern. Smoke sheer cup lining, platinum duoplex for the band, light pink lace and platinum findings. Deborah from Calgary


I’m always cutting it so close to the deadline! This is a horizontal seamed bra with one tweak for fit, and wider fold-over elastic because it’s what I had on hand. Embroidered tulle over sheer cup lining on the lower cup, and strategically cut and appliquéd on the upper cup, and a double layer of sheer cup lining for the floating power bar. I love this bra! 


This challenge encouraged me to actually use two beautiful fabrics that were in my “special” pile. My entry has a rigid lace trim lower cup and powerbar; a sheer Swiss dot with embroidery upper cup lined with nude sheer cup lining; and a sheer band made from Super Fine Stretch Mesh Fabric (two layers with the DOGS running in perpendicular directions). The lower cups and bridge are lined with Active Cotton Spandex Wickable Fabric to duplicate the comfort of my fav RTW bras.
This Shelley purrs “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful”,
v (Canada)

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  1. Sylvia Mahoney
    Sylvia Mahoney says:

    Holy Toledo, you have all inspired me to go down this venture. Where do I start. They are all stunning Christine and Kit are my favourites.

    • Beverly Johnson
      Beverly Johnson says:

      You just make a bra or other intimate apparel according to the monthly theme and submit a photo to us before the end of the month. That’s it! September’s theme is Strap-tember. You can read about it here.

  2. Linda (ACraftyScrivener)
    Linda (ACraftyScrivener) says:

    All these are so beautiful! I am especially impressed with Kerri, who could be my twin – she has got such a great fit, though I need a narrower bridge. Is the stretch lace you sell itchy at all? I need to put some on some undershorts like Cassi has done, but am hesitant as I have sensitive skin?


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