In our last challenge of 2018, we asked you to Let the New You Shine Through and add some sparkle and bling to your garments. Did you sparkle in this challenge? Oh yes, you did! Here are the sparkling “Let the New You Shine Through” Entries.


This Ruby bra is my make for the December Challenge.
I used silver print floral scub with sheer lining for the cups and the cradle, and powenet for the back band. I wanted to emphasize the shine of the fabric with a single Swarowsky crystal.


Here is my last bra challenge: Snowy Ingrid. I made it with blue glinty fabric. I have added some silver glitters so it sparkles on the sun (unfortunately, I got no December sun when I made the photos). To keep Ingrid’s cozy spirit, I have lined the bra with a cotton silk batiste, very soft on the skin. Thank you for this challenge, I learn many things going out if my comfort zone.

Anna K

This is my ultimate Bling Bikini.  Front and Back photo on a mannequin and an actual stage snapshot from an NPC show are attached. The TITLE  of my project is “Pacific Northwest Mermaid”. Date of Production: June 2018, NPC Tanji Johnson Classic show


Colors and Design:
  • Base fabric is teal (i.e., blue lycra with green glitter coating).
  • It was fully filled with 12-different color Swarovski crystals. The only part of this not having stones are the straps in the back–so that the bra top will snag fit around the torso.
  • It is different from a warm water mermaid image.  This one is a cold deep sea theme where I live, so there are no coral colors.  Patterned after Oyster and Clam shells (abundant in Puget Sound area) with deep Ocean colors such as Emerald Greens, Cobalts, Sapphire, Heliotropes, Bermuda, Capri, and Majestic Blues, and other hues used for color blending to create maximum light reflecting effects.
  • The cups were originally modified from Pin-Up-Girls, Three Sister Bikini–Violet pattern. So it is a vertical seam.  Vertical seams seem to work well with many large breasts ladies.
  • Underlying cups are made of Tricott-Bonded Spacer 1/8″ thick (similar to cut-n-sew foam but this is 4-way slight stretch and much thicker–and gives an instant shaper effect for push).
  • Outer fabric is swim suit lycra (called Pindot) that covers the cups.
  • For a physique show, the less covering is better, but since it  is made for a heavy breast girl, I created a two piece bridge to mock the actual bridge outline (top and lower outlines by using separating jewel pieces–so it opens front.
  • Neck straps needed to be doubled to support heavy stone weight and breasts–one with cloth strap of the bra and supported by jewel strings.
  • Lower bridge piece is a little shorter than normal bra band measurement in order to rotate up the breasts to gather them closer.
  • Torso straps crosses in the back center with a jewel piece from Teacher Beverly’s shop (Crystal Criss Cross 1/2″,  
  • Neck and arm hole lines are altered aggressively to mimic the style requirement by the NPC Committee for women’s top.
  • Note: Normal cup style is a triangle top although there is no written rule for NPC rule book.  Triangle tops are impossible for big breasts.  I have seen ladies glue, tape with tears to tame their girls in triangles in the backstage.  In recent years, I have networked with local and national judges to like/allow UW bra tops.  Personal consensus seems “nothing is wrong with UW tops” just because I think judges (mostly males) do not know the difference.  So I proactively model my UW competition tops on the stage to raise awareness.
My pattern.  I constantly tweak the pattern as my rear changes shapes with age (Ug).  This one is a new style this year–scooped back leg style to minimize my back (well, hoping eye-illusion). Thank you!


This month I made a shiny sparkly bra, in beige. I can’t say it’s boring!  I used a crystal connector in the bridge.  The lace has silver thread and a shiny beige thread. I used it for the upper cups, strap extension, and used some leftover strips to decorate the side seams and the back near the hooks and eyes.  The pattern is the PUG (Pin-up Girls) classic.



When I submitted the first purple bra at the (literally) last minute in January, I did not expect the year to fly by so fast.  Here we are on the last day of the year and I’ve managed all 12 of the challenge submissions. Here is my bling bra.  I’m not much of a bling person so I’m surprised at how much I like it.  I lengthened my bra pattern into a longline to accommodate the trim I found.  I added the neckline crystals by hand – very glad I didn’t plan to do more. A very Happy New Year to everyone at the store and kisses to Pixie, of course.


Attached is my December contribution. No sparkling bling bling but I thought a body in dark red colours would perfectly fit underneath my (also handmade) Christmas and New Year dress.
Thank you all for the Bra-makers challenges 2018, it was an exciting event. I hope there will also be a challenge for 2019 because I experienced it as very inspiring!


For the final challenge of  the year I made a pair of panties using the Pin-up Girls basic panty pattern (high waist, thigh leg). I used floral brown and pink stretch mesh and a metallic pink jersey. It’s hard to see in the picture, but the jersey has a silver shimmer. After I sewed up the panties I hot fixed crystals in the shape of a butterfly on the low hip of the panty. To be honest, this is the only metallic/shiny/blingy item in my wardrobe and I love it. What a fun challenge!


The first dress I made in 2018 has been waiting all year to be entered! I built the classic full band bra into one of my ballroom dresses, and altered it to have a crossed back. I used lovely wine colored charmeuse and lots of rhinestones to give it a sparkly, classy, and sexy ballroom look. Black stones line the neck and side cutouts for some subtle sparkle and dimension, but the silver crystals on the belt and swags really shine and pop against the dark colors. Having a built-in bra makes me feel secure (even though I’m small!) so I can dance to my fullest without a worry, so I’m so glad I found Bra Makers Supply!


Number 12 of 12 — Yes!  This one, a Shelley, is rigid black lace over silver lame`, backed by duoplex for stability.  Since a project isn’t done until it’s over-done, I added some crystals.  Then added some more.  This is for my sister who doesn’t know what this month’s challenge is.  When I was measuring her, she mentioned how important comfort and durability are to her in a bra.  Ha!  Is she going to be surprised.


Our very own Kit made this constellation dress with glittery constelllations on the night sky fabric for a fashion show at Super Crawl. She also made the black and red dress!
Plus she made this playful Santa suit our of crushed velour and maribou, with a shiny gold zipper and belt buckle. Ho, ho, ho!


Hi ladies, Happy New Year! Finishing the year with beauty!


My December entry is a Linda partial band bra modified to accept pre-formed foam cups. This entry “let the new me shine” by using crystals, beads, foam cups; gripper-type elastic; g-hooks; and lace edging for the first time. My friend requested something in black for herself and for her 2 1/2 year old daughter. Tah-dah! A t-shirt bra for Maman and a camisole for “ma puce”. Maman’s best fitting bra is a convertible so this was a great opportunity to add dazzle and shine to one set of straps. The strings of pearls on the back are a nod to Jujubee’s dress in “Wedding Eleganza”. That show aired almost a decade ago, but some looks leave a lasting impression. The second photo (taken by Papa, who is an amazing photographer) shows that the tissue protecting the lace from the feed dogs of the sewing machine did not tear away cleanly. Hopefully that will come out with the first washing.

And now…Sew on to 2019

We hope you’ve enjoyed the Ultimate bra-makers Challenge 2018 as much as we did. We loved getting photos of your makes in our inbox every month! There are sure to be some creative challenges headed your way. Challenges that excite and delight you and challenges that push you out of your envelope. Your sewing skills and fabric knowledge will improve when you try projects you’ve never done before.

Will you accept the challenges we set for 2019?

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  1. Linda
    Linda says:

    I have so enjoyed seeing all the entries; such variety, creativity and beauty! I didn’t sew much this year, but loved seeing what you all did! I have only made two bras so far, but I wear them both a lot and have plans for more. Glad to have found you! And sew on…………………….

  2. patelizabeth
    patelizabeth says:

    Re joining the challenge for January 2019 it mentioned that we would receive more information.
    I am interested in doing different designs for the back.
    I do have volume 1 and volume 2 CD. Is this where I will find how to design them.

    • Beverly Johnson
      Beverly Johnson says:

      On each Sunday, I post tutorials on how to do something with the monthly theme. This Sunday is no exception. I have several different backs I will share with everyone. Plus on Wednesday we pull some tutorials from the archives and post them on our Facebook page.


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