Here are our Manly entries for the Ultimate Bra-makers Challenge. Most of you used our Men’s Underwear Pattern, but a few of you also took advantage of our FREE Men’s Tank Top offer. I am sure the men out there are quite happy to be seated in their wonderful new underwear! A couple of men modeled their new wearables – be forewarned!


This month I made two Lillebrors for my family members from this warming knit-pattern cotton jersey. As it has only about 30% stretch, I sewed a size bigger as recommended, and the fit is perfect. The waists are lower and the legs are shorter by 3 cm on both underwears. I also sewed the slings inside.


Here’s my entry for this month’s challenge.


I made both the men in my household some Michael underwear.  The younger of the two has asked for seven more pairs!  The fabrics and elastic are from the BMS men’s underwear kits.

Anna D

Here is my november challenge : supporting my husband. Those night underpants support him to make nice dreams !
I made them from a seersucker coton, with a home-made pattern from ready-to-wear underpants. Tips from the fairy bra mother’s blog to clone RTW were very useful, while not intended for this sort of piece.


Here is my November challenge submission.  Made my son undies using the Michael pattern.  Why make boring underwear when you have fun knits? The model is away at school so only a flat picture for this one. Kisses to Pixie as usual.


Here is my submission.  I hacked/cloned his current pattern and made some adjustments (shorter in the leg).  The next version will have other alterations as per his request after wearing these.
Thanks for this challenge. It made me dust off my serger/cover stitch machine and have many unkind words to scream at it (the timing is off and now it is in the shop).


Here’s a pair of bamboo boxers with plush waistband elastic. The pattern was cloned from a commercial pair. They’re the most comfortable boxers he’s ever worn, so this is the 6th pair I’ve made.


I’ve made a few Lillebror for my husband this month. We finally sat down to perfect the pattern for him. It has been graded above the size range, as well as shortened in length. I’ve also scooped out the front waistband and raised the back due to his body shape. No modelled pictures tho! He’s SOOOOOO happy to have great underwear. The grey and red fabric is Supplex from BMS, and the elastic waistband from there as well. Sharks are from Blended Thread Fabrics. Also, first time playing with my new coverstitch machine. Constructed them with a serger. Thanks for such a great pattern! He even helps cut them out because they are so amazingly comfortable. He has learned about cutting on the fold and ‘DOGS’!


Attached is my contribution to the Ultimate Bra-making Challenge. I sew a lot of men’s underwear for senior and junior. It is always a challenge to find cool men fabrics. These sets are boys size.


I was wanting to use the “active cotton-Lycra” from Bra-Makers to make something for the two men in my life.  Our nine-year-old son is quite active so the stretch combined with the cozy feel and wickaway properties of these gotchies were well received. The waistband in his favourite colour (lime green) didn’t hurt either. My husband really likes the “Michael “ underwear with the sling. This time the sling is in Active cotton with Supplex for the main pieces.


I am so enjoying sewing underwear for my man. He is even brave enough to be the model!


These are my entries for the Men’s Underwear challenge! This pair is the Michael style with doing and front access – I call it the Kangaroo.  The pair (also with the sling and front access) is some festive fun entitled Santa’s Sack. lol


This is my entry for November’s „Support Your Man“. I’m not quite sure how my man feels about unicorns and looking forward to his face at Christmas. As he always gets one ridiculous sewn item, it’s getting harder to surprise him. At least it’s a very nice cotton knit. Patterns are the free tank from your site and Jalie underwear. 🙂 PS: I admire your bra patterns also. I would love to order patterns from you, but shipping to Europe is too expensive for me at the moment. (You know we have suppliers in Europe, too!)


For three grown nephews, of three different sizes, and three distinct personalities.  At our Thanksgiving gathering, all three were embarrassed and amused when I whipped out a tape measure, then quizzed them about their “access” preferences.  It was a first for each of us.


Here is my submission for November. I made the Michael Men’s Underwear, but mine have both a sling and a front opening.


I want to participate in the contest. The pattern I used is “men underwear pattern”. As per his request, I removed 4 cm from the top at the shortening line and 6 cm at the bottom line.  The fabric is black bamboo from your store. He loves them so much, I already made 3… And he wants more… I made him take off his shirt to do the picture if he wants me to sew more for him!!! LoL


Here is my entry to the November “Support your man” Challenge.


Here is my entry for November. I made this boxer, the Michael model, out of bamboo rayon. I did not get crazy with it as my man is not… and I want him to wear it! It was the first time I used this pattern and I’m very happy with it. It fits very well.


My November entry is a pair of Michael and a pair of Lillebror made to match my Breast Friend bralette. Michael had a rocky start. His original waistband was fun, colourful and matched the contrasting thread. However, washing the starch out of the shorts also made the elastic give up the ghost. To add insult to injury, the doomed elastic bled dye onto the bamboo fabric. ARGH! As you can see, one plain waistband and one washing later, most of the stains are gone, except in the most unfortunate place – on the front panel. Lillebror, on the other hand, is a smoothie. His seams are on the outside to prevent chafing.
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  1. rebecca
    rebecca says:

    where can I go to post questions about fit issues? I’m making the Michael pattern and just am not sure how to alter it in response to riding/wrinkling. Or do I treat them as I would normal pants? thanks in advance for any advice (unsurprisingly there is not much out there about making men’s underwear!)

    • Beverly Johnson
      Beverly Johnson says:

      I can answer them here or you can email me privately. I would appreciate pictures so I can identify the issue. I also need to know what fabric you used and the man’s size you used etc.

      • Rebecca
        Rebecca says:

        Oh, thank you so much! I will e-mail as I don’t think my husband will want to pose in his underwear if it’s going to be posted publicly 🙂
        I will assume the customer service e-mail address unless you say otherwise.


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