June is traditionally the month of wedding celebrations all over the world. We love to celebrate weddings too but we do it in a different way here at Bra-makers. We want to challenge you to make bridal lingerie this month. How about re-styling a bra, panty or corset pattern and make it in a spectacular bridal trousseau garment? Let’s challenge our thinking about the traditional bridal lingerie and come up with something truly memorable.

The Challenge guidelines

  • The theme must be obvious. In this case, the theme is  Blushing Bridal, so show us how creative you can be using our patterns to create stunning bridal Intimate Apparel, suitable for any bridal shower, trousseau or honeymoon.
  • You can use or modify any Pin-up Girls patterns for bras or bralettes
  • the garment must be made in 2019
  • you must have made the garment yourself (do not submit ready-to-wear)
  • share with us what you did (we all love that backstory) and what country you live in (so we know where you come from!)

I do hope you consider entering the challenge. It’s all about challenging yourself to make something creative! Submit your entries any time before the end of the last day of the month.  If the garment is complex, submit photos of the more important details.  Entries will be shown on social media (so if you are shy, don’t model it!)  and the winner will be chosen after all entries are in. Remember, the garment does not have to be on a model. You can even show off your entries to all your friends and family on Facebook or Instagram. Please include the hashtag #bramakerschallenge2019 so we can see too! Send us your photos to our email [email protected]. The winner will be chosen by random draw after the challenge closes. Photos of the entries will be published the first week of the month here on this blog and in our social media.

Good luck everyone…remember we want you to make Blushing bridal history this June!

Your Fairy Bra Mother

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