How many of us actually try really interesting straps on our own garments? A lot of you did exactly that this month when we challenged you to make interesting, innovative and inspiring straps for Strap-tember. We loved what you came up with!


Please accept my submission for this month’s entry. This is a fully-adjustable underbust corset made entirely from straps.


I have attached photos of my STRAPtember Challenge Entry.  This is the first time I have entered although I always follow along.  Living in the UK I have been making my own lingerie for about two years now and started by buying all Beverly’s Craftsy classes.  No longer working full time I have got back in the gym which has lead to needing to change the size I make every few months!  So I have been a prolific sewer over the last few months.  The first pictures are of my latest Ruby.  I adjusted the pattern for lace but didn’t really think through what I would do for straps.  So I referred back to Craftys and used the short tapered strap as a guide.  Then I didn’t have quite the right colour of strap elastic so I wrapped up in strips of the lace.  It works so well and looks really pretty.  I am also working my way through the Sweet Sixteen Bralette Collection together with Make and Fit Bralettes.  So far I have made the double strap version using fold over elastic and the inverted lace back.  Since using ribbon to stabilize an earlier Ruby I used to great effect to pick up the navy and bright pink of my lace. Loving all the updated patterns with the BCD as getting a perfect fit every time!


At the end of the summer, I made myself a bikini.  I altered the pattern to lace the back cause it is far more comfortable than a tie around the neck.  I tried out the double-needle in my sewing machine with much success.  Lycra wrapped around swimwear elastic.  To all the years my mom made both my sister and I bathing suits!!  It time for me to make some for me as well as my daughter.


Here is my September strap challenge.   I am having shoulder surgery and will be in a sling for at least a month. I wanted a bra that I don’t have to put my arm through to get on as well as comfort and support as I can’t go to work braless.  In addition, straps on the operated shoulder would not be great.  Sooooo – I’ve made the Ingrid with both a front and back closure.  The bra is in 2 pieces!  I’ve made 3 straps that are attached by g-hooks.  One can be worn as a halter around the neck so there is no strap on the shoulder at all.  Then, when the bra can be worn, as usual, I have made 2 straps that criss-cross in the back.  I used 1-inch strap elastic for all the straps and to reduce the stretch I’ve added a non-stretch lace to the ends of the straps.  The lace is also added on the front closure to add a bit of pretty.    It seems to work very well but I’ll see soon in practice.


For my STRAPtember entry, I made a self-drafted four-piece cup with blue lace and sheer cup lining. I used the same lace from the cup in the straps to make the bra fancy-backed and also make it look like a racerback while still being adjustable. It fits like a dream! Now I need to sew and open-back top to show off my hard work!


This month I submit a simple strap embellishment with a partially lace-covered fabric strap. This is a PUG classic with Gothic arch 


On the purple Sweet Sixteen bralette, I stabilized the lavender strap elastic with a sheer organza ribbon to blend the colour with the rich purple of the duoplex. The second picture is the strappy back of the 3 Sisters Bikini. Louise from Canada


Hi all, Charlene from Canada again. Here is my second Ruby, done all in duoplex, to the pattern from the Stitches Conference (with a couple of minor changes). Instead of the stabilized elastic strap of the pattern, I have put in a tube strap, encasing the ends of the elastic. This is a typical strap for me; what makes it a little different is the decorative stitch. I also added stitch detail to the cups, and I quite like the look!


Here is my entry for the STRAPtember contest.  I made this navy blue lace bra from a self-drafted pattern (using Beverly’s Bra Makers Manual) earlier this year.  I used a kit from your shop.  I wanted the straps to be a little snazzy as the outfit I wanted to wear it with had a see-through upper section and I thought a little bit of glam on the straps would be interesting.  I sewed 3 rows of 1/16” dark blue and gold ribbon onto ¾” black strap elastic.  I was very pleased with the end result.  A very simple way to put a bit of glam on my bra.


For my STRAPtember entry, I decided to make a harness. I used a mannequin to layout the straps and design the harness I wanted. I used the 3/8″ strap elastic and matching Gold Jewellery Quality Sliders, about 10 in total. I used 7 of the 3/4″ Gold Rings to attach the strap to. It’s fully adjustable, fits both me and a number of mannequins, and looks super cute underneath a garment! Sewing up the strap elastic took seconds and I came up with this look in no time.


Here’s my September Challenge entry. I’ve used a lovely kit that included strap elastic. I’ve been saving this, but your challenge seemed the perfect time to break out this kit. Michelle, Canada


For STRAPtember I made another Shelley. It has navy fabric straps with a peachy colour gathered elastic that is lightly stretched along the length and an ivory narrow ribbon is sewn on top with matching bows.


My submission of September. I used a suspender closure to attach the shoulder strap.


Dear Fairy Bra Mother and Fairy Bra Sisters, Thank you for inspiring me to actually try an interesting strap treatment seen in RTW – attaching narrow double straps to the cup using a lark’s head knot. My entry for September is a strap-tastic Sweet Sixteen sleep chemise. The cups and front band are burgundy duoplex and the rest is black Active Cotton Spandex Wickable Fabric. This strappy little number will keep your girls high and proud – and cool – at night.


My entry for the September STRAPtember challenge. I used the new version of the Shelley pattern and the bra was made in purple with black findings.
This colour was inspired by the black with purple flower lace that I had brought earlier this year from Bra-makers Supply. I had to buy the matching purple duoplex and double knit power net. I love this colour and the fact that I had embroidered a small black design on each strap.


Over the past few months, I’ve challenged myself with new and exciting projects. But, for the past 5 months, I barely get to wear them as I am always in nursing bras on maternity leave with my baby boy. This month I sewed myself a maternity sweet sixteen bralette with the modifications and clasp for easy access. I used pink and black lace over black cotton so it would be sexy without sacrificing comfort. The straps may not be exciting, sexy or beautiful but they are VERY practical which is very important for the tiny man in my life right now. I am happy with how it came out and I managed to mirror the lace quite accurately but I do need to work on my fold over elastic technique as it came out a bit wonky and I ended up redoing it several times. Earlier this year I sewed myself the red sports top (for pole dance class)with the weaving of straps in back. That is on the prettier side. 🙂 


I’m Sonia from Québec, Canada. For the STRAPtember challenge, I made this cute bralette with the Pin-up Girls Sweet sixteen bralette pattern for one of my friends. It was the first time I sew that model, it was easy and fun!
I add a… I think we say ”keyhole” at the base of the straps, finished with a bias elastic. I sew the bias elastic in the hole first and then on each side of the cups. Next time I will start with the sides and finish with the hole. I think it will give a nicer look. Thank you!


Help! Help!  I’m trapped in these straps and I can’t get out.  For STRAPtember, this one is a Classic with a thinnish poly knit over Cut and Sew Foam in front, and Power Net in back,  with oodles (almost 5 yards) of fold-over-elastic.  I bought the fabric at Bra Makers for a T-shirt.  With careful cutting, I managed to get the T-shirt, panties, this bra, and there is still enough left over to cover shoes and make a hair bow.  Our family motto is “Everything to Excess.”

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