Have you enjoyed the Challenges we’ve presented over the last few years? Well, here we are again with a whole new set of challenges for 2020. Our theme this year is “Hindsight is 2020”. The year 2020 is full of promise, but this is our year to look over the past years of bra-making design. That’s right, each month we will select a different era in the history of bra-making. We challenge you to be inspired to create your own look based on that month’s historical or iconic look.

January –  Let’s start the New Year off with a BANG and re-create the iconic Bullet Bra that persisted from the late 1940’s to the early 1960s. With its distinctive cone shaped cups and circular stitching, it was “the” bra for any sweater girl of the times. We challenge you to re-create a Bullet Bra in today’s fabrics. Poodle skirt, anyone?

February – Oh, what a night! Remember the 1960’s where Baby Dolls were on every teenager’s pajama wish list? Here’s your chance to re-make that iconic nightwear look in today’s fabrics and today’s patterns? How about the Sweet Sixteen Bralette with a skirt added in order to make your version of Baby Dolls?

March – Underwear has not been around forever. The first underwear you might recall might be what is affectionately known as “granny panties”. This month, we celebrate 100 years from underwear for the lower half. Whether you make thongs, g-strings, granny panties or briefs, the choice is yours!

April – Keep trim in a Waspie. What’s a waspie, you may ask? Think of a waist cincher, which could be a glorified wide belt to a full-on under-the-bust-and-down-to-the-hips waist-cincher. That’s a lot of hyphens to describe such a waist-slimming garment!

May – In May we look back to the era of the slip. You can make slips, camisoles, even tap pants in this month’s 2020 Ultimate Bra-maker Challenge. Want to make a bra slip? Yep, that’s included, too.

June – Get ready for the prom or a June wedding with a chance to try strapless bras. Have you tried a strapless bra yet? You can convert to a strapless from the Classic or the Ruby or you can draft your own.

July – This month, we go to the beach with your version of the Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini. The only catch – all entries should be made with an itsy bitsy bit of yellow polka dot fabric. Remember – that could be swimwear with yellow dots on coloured fabric or yellow fabric with coloured dots. You’re the designer – make your choice!

August – August is Bralette month. Bralettes have become the new darling of the new Millenium. There are soooo many variations, we know you will create some spectacular designs.

September – Remember bodysuits? They were ever-so-practical to stay tucked in when wearing with pants and gave the most slimming look. Let’s make a bodysuit from today’s fabric (bamboo or stretch mesh, anyone?) Don’t have a pattern? You can use the Denise swimsuit to make a sleeveless version.

October – In the late 60s and early 70s, the “Burn the Bra” movement was at its peak (no pun intended). Bra companies retaliated by creating the seamless bra, which mimicked the “no-bra” look but still offering support for those who needed it. Let’s pay homage to that era by creating a seamless (or darted) bra, bralette or foam cup bra in this month’s challenge.

November – Here’s a new one for us! Back in the days before pantyhose, ladies wore stockings held up with a garter belt. Try your hand at making a garter belt and re-create the romance. You could even try your hand at making your own stockings!

December – Finally, we wrap up the 2020 Ultimate Bra-makers Challenge with a last look at the centuries before 1900, with a challenge to make a corset. This was the start of it all, ladies! Corsets shrunk and re-shaped to become the bras we love today. Your challenge is to make a corset that tips its hat to the past but also a nod to the future.

The rules for the Ultimate Bra-making Challenge are, as always quite simple: the garment must be made in 2020. It can be any type of intimate apparel, made of any fabric, using any pattern. It doesn’t have to be for you, and it doesn’t have to be modeled on a real person (although if it is, be sure that person is ok with us showing the picture on social media.) We ask that you submit the photos and a short description of the garment (including what pattern you used, and what construction details we should know about) to [email protected] before the last day of the month. One winner will be chosen by random draw after the first day of the following month on Facebook Live.

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