It’s Rom-Com (Romantic Comedy) month in Brallywood. Be inspired by any Rom-Com, vintage or modern and create any Romantic underwear, bra, swimwear or corset from any material, laces or trims. Does it have to be red, or pink? Nope – just use whatever colours and materials whisper “Romantic” to YOU.

The rules for our Ultimate Bra-making Challenge are, as always, quite simple:

  • the challenge this month is to create a garment inspired by a Romantic Comedy. Get creative! Create underwear, bras, swimwear or corsetry.
  • the garment must have been made in 2022 using any of the Pin-up Girls patterns or instructions found in one of our many books.
  • It doesn’t have to be for you, and it doesn’t have to be modeled on a real person (although if it is, be sure that person is ok with us showing the picture on social media.)
  • submit the photos and a short description of the garment (including what pattern you used, and what construction details we should know about) to [email protected] before the last day of the month.
  • One winner will be chosen by random draw after the first day of the following month on Facebook Live.
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