July’s challenge was all about wearing your birthday suit. No, we didn’t want to you to appear naked in this challenge, but as close to it as you are comfortable with! Yes, that’s right, we wanted you to work with sheer fabrics. There are so many sheer fabrics available for bra-making, yet some of you have never challenged yourselves to sew with them. July was your chance to try them out. Here are Your Birthday Suit Challenge Entries.

Abby P

I made a sheer version of Ruby! The fit is also fantastic, but a little risqué to send. 🙂 This is a straight up, no alterations (other than the lace on the frame) version of 4.0/32″. Fits like a glove!

Anna D

Here is my presentation for the ultimate bra challenge for July. It’s a very simple Classic Bra, with some nude-tone lace on a lining. Colors are very discreet, this bra is inconspicuous even under a white tee-shirt. I like the romantic touch added by the light lace.

Anna K

I took a “Designer Bra touch” class in Saskatchewan Stitches Conference just last month from Beverly and I had an experience as close as it could get to the Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream.  Weather in Saskatchewan was already summer (for me from Seattle)— ladies staying up late into the night sky so bright…singing and laughing in PJs like school girls back in dormitory days.  We were knitting, quilting, and sewing everywhere till we drop…. After I came back from the conference, I made this bra for my client with my Saskatchewan inspiration–nude, playful with careless use of luxurious laces. This client has R 5.75 and L 6.0 BCD, and I raised CC line so the bra has R 6 and L 6.25 BCD.  Using 50 Long UW, for my custom drafted pattern.  I could not mount on my 34DD dress form for pictures.  Nude/beige duplex with sheer on the upper cups.  Laces run from center bridge interwinding to upper sides. One strant of lace extends to shoulder strap…like being wrapped around naked with flower lei.

Anne J

This month I have made two barely there bras.  One is made with navy bra tulle doubled for support in the lower cup and front band and quadrupled in the power bar.  The pink lace bra has a stretch lace, Powernet and sheer cup lining band, and pink sheer cup lining for the cups. Anne was also the winner of one of our random draws for $50!


Here is my entry to the July Ultimate Bra-makers Challenge ‘Your Birthday Suit’: a pair of self drafted panties and a bralette (size 32F) from the new Sew Simple Bralettes Book. It was simple indeed, I love it. I used one or two layers of pale powder pink colour fine stretch mesh for the garment.

Caroline C

Here is my entry for the July’s Birthday Suit Ultimate Bra-makers Challenge. It is a partial band bra made with the sheer striped duoplex in cooper colour and silver jewels accents,
made during Boob Camp in the last 2 days of July! I hope you like it! The straps are removable and can be worn crossed in the back using the silver G-hooks.

Cassy M

Look how early I am this month! (she sent this on July 12 – so she was early indeed!) I’ve had this bra in mind for awhile and didn’t get to it, so this has been good motivation.  No modeled shot for this one!  I added a little extra challenge as I just got a sewing machine with an embroidery module so thought I’d do my first embroidery on the neckline of a bra.

Christine D

I made this Sweet Sixteen bralette (my favourite bra!) from a floral sheer I had and lace edging for the front band instead of fabric. I love the way I can change things around with this pattern and it still fits! Christine was the second winner of our random draw for a $50 gift certificate.

Christine S

My sister is now hooked on sheer!! She chose the lace and I sewed it up for her.  This is her new favourite bra!!


Made the Ruby version in lavender, my favourite colour. This is the very first time that I made both the frame and the cup out of the sheer bra cup lining. In all others bras I only made the cup out of the sheer cup lining or the sheer cup lining covered with lace. The Ruby pattern is lovely to wear.


I guess the gold/nude lace I used can fit into the nude illusion theme. The pictures are a bit darker than the real colour.

Diane H

Here is my entry for this month’s challenge. It was the perfect excuse to try the sheer stripe duoplex. I used the new Ingrid bra pattern, modifying it with active cotton lining, 1 1/2” black band elastic bottom band, and a five-hook closure. Never knew a sports bra could look so sexy. Thanks Denise for your help via email in figuring out how to create the chevron effect on the lower cups. As always, the blog postings are a great resource and inspiration.


For this month’s challenge I made a bralette with lace edging using Beverly’s new book “Sew Simple Bralettes.”  This is my first bralette. I used a nude mesh and paired it with a nude/peach lace. I thinks it’s so feminine and pretty. I really like it.

Jo Ann R

Here is my entry for this month. Ruby bra made from sheer dotted mesh lined with black sheer cup lining.

Jennifer K

Here is my entry for July’s Birthday Suit Ultimate Bra-makers Challenge entry. It’s my first bra ever and made from the Ingrid pattern. Congratulations to you Jennifer. We hope you make many more!


My Birthday Suit Challenge entry.  As this was my first time working with sheer cup lining, and it seemed awfully light for carrying such a heavy load,  I backed the black with another layer of nude.  As it turned out, it wasn’t necessary because it is pretty tough stuff.  It even held up well to embroidery.  Somehow the effect isn’t as naughty as I hoped it would be.  Maybe next month. Thank you again, Beverly, for inspiring us all.


I made a lovely sheer Ruby for my July submission. Ruby is a lovely pattern!

Sonia D

Here are my entries for July! I realized that I certainly was born for lace because I just couldn’t not sew lace on my bra! So this month, I sewed myself a black kit: a bra made of sheer cup lining and two panties; one of matte glissonette and one of powernet. I also wanted to sew a white kit with a sheer fabric I had but I wasn’t sure of it’s composition… After one try I didn’t like it: it was
polyester so I just dropped the bra part of the second project!
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