I am so pleased to announce in the Ultimate Bra-makers January challenge – we have a winner. (Actually we have 3 winners!) We had a LOT of entries and a hard time making a decision…so we asked you, our wonderful followers and Facebook fans to help us with the decision. Here are the entries, in (more or less) alphabetical order. See them all here – the winners are at the end!

#1  Agnes Hegedus

Here’s what Agnes has to say about her entry: “I have finished my second bra (a nursing one, I have a little baby boy), which I would like to enter the January Ultimate Bra-makers Challenge with.I bought the Manuals in December 2017, along with fabrics, patterns, everything to start sewing bras for myself. The Manuals are of a great benefit! At first, I started with the EZI Sew pattern, but I found it would not fit my back and breasts either. I had to redraft the band and the cup, especially the upper cup for myself, drafting a much lower strap attach point, a lower and less pointy apex, and so the slings. Finally, I had to draft a whole new bra, and I could not have done it without the Manuals.I followed the instructions of your Craftsy Class on bra construction and also read the blog posts on sewing and drafting nursery bras. I dyed every part of the bra by myself with Dharma Acid Dye, #444 Electric Violet, I found this colour to be the closest to UltraViolet. As it was my first dying attempt, I did not dare to mix colours. Duoplex, elastics, hooks&eyes and channelling are from your shop, they all could be dyed very beautifully (the dark purple parts), the lighter purple parts of the bra are from my own old stock, probably with less nylon. My first bra was absolutely for exercise the sewing itself, this one is my second, and I think it is quite successful! I am happy with it, and I wish I had started sewing bras years ago.”

#2 Anna D

Anna made the Shelley in this deep purple plush fabric (at least it looks plush!)

#3 Anne Johnson

Anne has this to say: “Here are some photos of my most recent bra.  It might also be my favourite.  It uses a Shelley-like design created from the PUG Classic.  The front band is altered to allow the lace scallops to lie along the lower edge.  To get the colour I wanted, I layered purple 15-denier over beige duoplex and then put my lace over top of that.  I hand basted the layers together then sewed them together loosely following the lace design.  This is an experiment to see if I can keep the stretch lace from shifting.  I used the duoplex and 15-denier to stabilize the top edge of the bra cup.  The back band and findings are light copper where possible.  The rings and sliders are rose gold. I sewed a gold star under the ribbon and some small star-shaped gold sequins to the bridge.  The gold star was salvaged from a keychain.  The star sequins were in my stash, leftover from some long ago embroidery project.  The violet lace was in my stash, purchased from an eBay seller. Thanks for the prompt and thanks to Agata (our Bra-makers team member) for help looking at fabric combinations last week!”

#4 Beverly Johnson

This was my entry. I rarely get to make a bra for myself, so I was happy to have time to whip up a lilac one for this challenge. Yes, I mirrored the lace! That’s a Gothic arch in the middle, too.

#5 Carrie May

Here’s what Carrie tells us about this bra: “Here is my entry in the January challenge. The fabric is a woven rayon from a scarf I bought because I loved the fabric so much. That said I don’t wear scarves often so I was very excited to use it for this challenge. I made foam cups and turned straps from tubes after reading a post from a fellow bra maker. I hand sewed the elastic on the underarm edge of the cups. I love this bra! The pattern is the Classic bra pattern with modified cups.”

#6 Cassy Montgomery

Cassy is in a class with us here at Bra-makers for the next three weeks, so I was surprised she had time to sew up this bra for the challenge. She was the last entry… close to midnight!

#7 Cheryl Lynch

Cheryl made an unusual bra and this is what she had to say: ” I modified the PUG Classic pattern to a Freya-style vertical seam and thin full band, and used sheer insets at the strap extension to create the illusion of a balconette style. The design lines are accented with black piping and external channelling.  On a personal note, thank you so much for everything you do!  As a very short-waisted person, my rib cage expanded quite a bit after having kids, and I found myself needing a size 42B bra. As you know, this size really doesn’t exist in ready-to-wear. You’ve enabled me to use my sewing skills to not only have bras that fit but bras I love! “ Aww…thanks Cheryl!

#8 Crystal Gilbertson

Crystal tells us” Here is my ultraviolet bra. It’s based on adjustments to the classic. Lowered upper cup for short wires, gothic arch, and split bottom cup. ” I especially love the double strap she added!

#9 Deborah Holzli

Deborah writes: “My entry for the #bramakerschallenge2018. It’s a Classic pattern modified to a Shelley” Love that rich combination of colour!

#10 Desiree Gotzen

Here’s a set with a great use of lace on both bra and boyshorts!

#11 Gayle Shermet

Gayle made a Classic bra using our lovely two tone lilac and purple lace.

#12 Geniene Catalano

In Geniene’s words: “Here is my January entry to the Ultimate Bra Makers Challenge.  With Beverly Johnson’s guidance in Sewing Panties: Construction and Fit, I drafted and sewed my first pair of panties. I then used the dye recipe from Rit Dyes for Pantone’s Ultra-Violet and dyed the completed panties. I’m very happy with the results. The color is lovely and I have a perfect fitting panty. I’m calling them my “gateway panty” because now that they are completed I don’t think I’ll be able to stop making new panties. I’m very excited to get started on another pair. So much fun!”

#13 Jo Ann Riddle

Joanne says…“Just about missed that I had to email my entry! I used 3D foam to reshape my draft. Vertical cup, foam-lined cups & straps. Perfect fit as shown but pls don’t post that photo!” We agree – that bra fit like a glove but that photo was for our eyes only!

#14 Juliane Burley

Juliana had lots to say about her entry: ” Attached are my photos for the January bra makers challenge – vivid violet.  My pattern in a self-drafted one of a ready to wear balconette.  The bra is a 14D. I have raised the underarm which is better on my body. I haven’t made this pattern before so this is my tester. For fabrics, I have used my lilac bra findings and Purple sheer nylon from Bra Makers Supply.  I used a lace from my stash and used Rit dyes to dye power mesh from my stash as I forgot to order some from you! The panties are also a self-drafted pattern (I am a patternmaker).

Lessons I have learnt:
-order an extra bow for panties
– order extra strap elastic as I usually use self-drafted patterns and they mostly use longer strap elastic than the findings kit allows
– double check order to make sure you have everything you need as international postage is too expensive and takes too long to order what you forgot!

#15  Christine Stoodley

Not everyone sewed this month for themselves. Christine tells us “Here is my purple bra submission for January.  It’s for my mother in law. Her choice instead of a black lace bra!!”

#16 Karen Taylor

Karen says she “Finished this in the nick of time! I changed the back to a clasp rather than a tie. Love the colour combo” We love it too, and the buttons are perfect. Now you need a beach so you can enjoy this!

#17 Kathleen Soltow

Kathleen says it is cold and snowy in Michigan but “Here it is, just under the wire, so to speak, my answer to your January 2018 Challenge.  It’s a Partial Band Shelley, with back band adapted for narrow shoulders and flabby back.  It is made from purple Duoplex, embroidered with what I am calling “Ultra Violets;” the back band is purple stretch satin spandex; the lace, elastics and hardware were over-dyed to match. I have to admit that when I started out I didn’t even like purple; now I am rather pleased with it, and I certainly hope it fits.  (I haven’t tried it yet.)  There might even be purple panties in my future.” This is gorgeous, Kathleen – we hope you will like purple as much as we do!

#19 Kerri K

We can always count on Kerri to rise to the challenge. Here’s what she says “Pattern is a PUG SHELLEY modified to first fit me. Then to plunge. Then to be a boned longline bra. All fabric except the rose gold lace is from Bra-makers Supply. The rigid lace was acquired along the way and I don’t recall where. Possibly Ann’s fabric but I grab pretty laces whenever I see them.”

#20 Kristina Berger

Kristina used the lilac bra kit, denier sheer nylon and scuba fabric to make this lovely bra with a split lower cup.

#21 Lily Fong

“Not sure if mine qualifies as its more of a royal purple with lavender lace.  The pattern is self-drafted using the Bra Makers Manual.”  Yes, Lily it qualifies – it is still purple, although in the photos it looks very blue!

#22  Linda Crawford

Linda has such a great sense of humour. She says of this entry: “Here is my entry – I call it Stun Guns.  You will see why.” We certainly do Linda, but that stitched duoplex would be wonderfully supportive, wouldn’t it?

#23 Lynne Cryer

Lynne made this Butterfly lace bra and co-ordinated the lace on the padded straps as well. Exquisitely made, Lynne!

#24 Lynne Duddy

Lynne writes “Thank you for the inspiration.  It isn’t a colour I would normally wear, but I am very happy with my new Shelley with the gothic arch.” What a lovely mirroringjob you did on the lace!

#25 Michelle Noble

Michelle actually has 3 entries in this month’s challenge, with a bra and 2 panties.  Michelle says “I LOVE this set. I plan to make another pair of panties still. This bra is self-drafted from BMM Vol. 2, and the panties are from Beverly’s new Craftsy class. All materials are from BMS.” 

#26 Michelle Noble

“I made a high-waisted boyshort (which are quite fun actually), but since I can’t usually wear boyshorts because they don’t fit me very well, I wanted to try an actual boyshort. So, here’s another submission with an actual boyshort (which fits!) “ OMG…these are sewww cute, Michelle!

#27 Michelle Noble

“and a 2nd one with a self-drafted hipster (from Bra-makers Supply). Regardless of winning or losing the challenge, I’ve loved this! This is my favorite bra/panty set to date, and I look forward to more fun next month.

#28 Patricia Phillips

Here’s a bikini top made in rich purple spandex. She’sll be a hit on the beach for sure. I hope she makes the bottoms to go with it!

#29 Sonia Dubuc

Sonia started with a classic bra that she transformed into a sports bra with a large piping starting on the strap and going down on the cup. She did a large back band and a front closing with a zipper. Well done Sonia – the sewing is perfect!

#30 Veronica Lobb

Veronica writes: “As an extra challenge, I used cut & sew foam to alter my classic to a horizontal seam with a split bottom cup.  I chose to apply my lace as if on a foam cup even though it is sewn onto a soft cup made with the lilac kit.  Lace from Amsterdam that I picked up during our summer trip. I can’t wait to see all of the entries!”

#31 Jessica Von Wyllie

Jessica is new to bra-making, but she wanted to challenge herself. After all, she does work here at Bra-makers Supply! Jess made a Sweet Sixteen Bralette in the longline version, lined with 15 denier. The fabric is the matte finish tricot.

#32 Heather Dawson

Here’s what Heather said about her entry, which is not finished…“So I thought I might be able to get this finished in time but… At least I got to start on it I’ll finish it this week I know I’m not going to make it for the contest but I’d like to just be registered for the year-long participation.” Good for you, Heather. Consider yourself registered! Remember ladies, everyone who stays with us for the year and enters all 12 challenges will win a special prize!

And now…the winners are (drum roll please!)………………

Honourable mention to two lovely ladies…# 13 Jo Ann Riddle and #14 Juliane Burley

3rd place and a $25 gift certificate goes to #29  Sonia Dubuc

2nd place and a $50 gift certificate goes to #19 Kerri K

The winner and the recipient of a $100 gift certificate is #17 Kathleen Soltow. Congratulations to the winners! Please email us so we can send you your prize!

Thanks to all who entered this month. Remember February’s challenge is all about red stretch satin. What are you planning to make? I’ve been busy too and will reveal my entry very soon so stay tuned!

Your Fairy Bra Mother,

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    Michelle says:

    Congratulations to the winners! So much work went into all the entries. Well done by all! Thank you for having the challenge. I’m loving it!


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