Our first bra-makers challenge of 2020 is to re-create the iconic Bullet bra of the 40s and 50s. With its distinctive cone-shaped cups and circular stitching, it was “the” bra for any sweater girl of the time. We challenged you to re-create a Bullet Bra in today’s fabrics. A few of you got right into it!


Well, it’s been on my list for at least 10 years, and your Bra-makers Challenge pushed me over the cliff! Here is my very first bullet bra. I used sheer cup lining for the cups, with duoplex and fold over elastic. I’m not sharing “on the body” pictures. I’m notoriously not shy when it comes to sharing underwear shots, but this one is just too much (or too little) for me to send out to the world. The fit is really good, although not as pointy as I expected, and I made the bridge hole too wide so the wire casing shows. My next one will be so much better!


This month’s challenge had me experimenting with design, fabric, and construction. The Bra-Makers Manual was a great resource for the Gothic arch, modifying the Classic bra v-2 to a more bullet shape, and creating a set of “falsies”. The chevron lower cup was achieved by sewing rows of diagonal stitching on duoplex then cutting out the pattern pieces. Thanks for creating such an inspiring list of challenges this year.

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Here’s my take on what Jane Russell would have worn if pre-formed, seamless cups were available back in the ’50s. My entry is a PUG Shelley modified to accept foam cups and attempts to combine the distinctive cone-shaped cup of a bullet bra with the “no-bra line” look of a T-shirt bra. 


Here is my submission for the bullet bra challenge. The base bra pattern I used was a well-fitting Ruby. I used the manual as well as the recent blog post to make the pattern adjustments. For materials, I used hot pink and black duoplex. And since this is for large cup size, I opted to include the underwire. I’m really happy with how it turned out! Part of why I wanted to try this was to test if the design would work for dance costume pieces, and I think it’s going to be perfect!


I dreamed I disarmed the Lone Ranger in my Maidenform bra…
This Silver Bullet was drafted from a PUG Classic with the excellent instructions from the Fairy Bra Mother.  It is constructed of platinum Duoplex over Cut and Sew Foam, with lilac findings, metallic elastics, stitching, and special appliqued exterior “Power Bars.”  It looks dangerous, doesn’t it?  Stick ’em up, Buster!
Hi-Yo, Silver!  Away!

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  1. pmurphy1296
    pmurphy1296 says:

    I need to insert a bullet bra into a swimsuit..have never made a bra (made 100s of swimsuits) and could use a couple tips if possible..I will be making for a team of 9 girls so need different cup sizes. Should I use a padded bra form? Do you have any patterns that are downloadable? thank you

    • Beverly Johnson
      Beverly Johnson says:

      A padded bra form won’t give you the bullet shape – they are too rounded. However you CAN make the cup from cut and sew foam and make it with 4 quadrants as we show in the blog post on how to make bullet bras. I suggest you read that post and several on bra construction so you know how to do it when the time comes.

  2. Judy
    Judy says:

    I do remember the white cotton bullet bras. There was a home party so you actually got fitted. Believe it or not they were very comfortable. Funny story I remember my husbands cousin telling his mom she looked like she had topedo T – – – . It was quite funny back in the 70’s.

  3. rodent.hill
    rodent.hill says:

    Way to go! Great bras and great challenge! I especially like the pink and black number; it looks terrific on.

  4. rosemary griffin
    rosemary griffin says:

    Such fun to see these bra updated. i remember the white cotton bullet bras! never wore one!


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