In January 2019, our theme is “Looking Back”. We’d like to kick off this year, by looking back at the Best Bra-making Tutorials of 2018. You may have missed some of them. Instead of you wading through pages of blog posts, we’ve gathered here the best of the tutorials we’ve posted, based on their popularity and viewer visits.


Although our theme was Colour of the Year, the most visited post was Working with Stretch Satin. We showed you that with a few tricks, even a slippery fabric like stretch satin can be tamed.


Who doesn’t remember That Peek-a-boo Bra? The challenge was to work with red satin, but this bra takes it over the top!


The post on An Easy Cover up helped introduce our readers to the launch of our newest book, The Big Book of Swimwear. It’s truly easy with this tutorial.


Sheer cup lining is an amazing and versatile fabric, but did you know there are at least 12 uses for Sheer Cup Lining?


May was Corset month and we showed you 3 ways to make a corset. Most corset makers only know one method but it’s always good to know how and when to use other methods.


Did you know there were  8 ways to wear a bralette? This month, marked the launch of the book Sew Simple Bralettes in collaboration with Nancy’s Notions. What better way to introduces you to bralettes than to tell you a lot of ways you can wear them?

Sew Simple Bralette Book Bra-makers Supply Nancy's Notions


Now for some technical information on our sizing system. In the post, the BCD method of measuring explained.  We explain how it works, why it works and why it might change the way you think about bra cup sizing.


Our Ingrid pattern is very popular, but sometimes you need to move the strap inward. In this post,  Move the Strap on Ingrid we show you the easiest way to move the strap on any multi-piece pattern.


This year, we released three new bra patterns, which have become a runaway success. Find out about Ruby & the other jewels in this post.


How to draft a Mastectomy Pocket is a useful technique to know for any bra-maker. We show you the easiest way possible.



During Movember, we turned our attention to the men and showed you not only  How to make Professional Binding but also gave you a FREE men’s tank shirt pattern to practice on!


Denise from our Design team always has some design and construction tips to share. In this post, she shows How to Make a Piped Sapphire.

In 2019, we’ve got lots more bra-making tutorials planned for your Sunday reading pleasure. We hope you will enjoy them!

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