Get Started in Bra-making!

If you want to get started in Bra-making, but feel like you are lost in a maze of information, don’t worry. Here are some blog posts that will get you moving to the finish line! Just click on the link to take you to the individual posts. Don’t worry about losing this page – each link will open in a new window!

get started in bra-making maze
A Bra that fits
No matter who makes them, your bras need to fit. Find out what good fit is all about  with our tips about knowing good fit from bad…

Bra-making in your Pajamas
Yes, you can start bra-making tonight and have the teacher right there beside you every step of the way.  Here’s how…

Reasons why I should make my own bra
Yes, you CAN make your own bras? But why, you ask? Here’s a whole list of reasons why we sew our own bras, panties and swimwear…

Four Ways of measuring
How to measure for your bra size – 4 methods that I use at different times for different body types. Find the one that works best for you…

Canadian Band Stand
The issues surrounding band sizes according to different manufacturers and countries. You wouldn’t believe how much discrepancy there is between them…

Determine the Wire Size
Learn to use the wire charts on our website to find the best wire size for your unique body…

Underwire Size Chart
If you know your bra pattern size, use this chart to find the right wire size, according to the pattern standards…

Bra-making Supply List
First time bra-maker? Sometimes the list can appear to be overwhelming. Here’s the list of the necessary bits you need to get started (and why you need them)…

Tipping Wires
Wires too long? We’ve got some special advice and a few tricks to to shorten them and keep them from poking through…

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  1. Julie Brink
    Julie Brink says:

    Greetings! My mother is severely disabled due to rheumatoid arthritis, and she needs a supportive bra that’s kind to aging skin and sagging breasts. She also has wide-set breasts, and we found that while a 34 band is a good fit, the cups are set too narrow to decently support her breasts on the sides without pinching. Any suggestions for patterns that might work well for her?

    • Beverly Johnson
      Beverly Johnson says:

      I would recommend the Ingrid bra patterns. It is non-wired and having a center front seam, it is easy to widen in this area for wide set breasts. You can add a zipper or hook and eye to the front seam as well and the pattern instructions include this information. Sizes from 2.75 to 9.0 BCD so it is a virtually all-inclusive size range.


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