Recently we finished Boob Camp February 2017, where students come from all over the world to learn bra-making here at Bra-makers Supply in the heart of the fabric district in Hamilton. We had some wonderful students here with us, including one from the Cayman Islands (who brought us some lovely Caribbean Rum Cake!). We also had one from New York and several from Canada. here are the bras they made after they finished their first fitting bra in white…I know you don’t want to see those!


Belinda made this colourful fuchsia Classic bra and trimmed it with matching elastics.

Then she made a stunning read and black Shelley bra with a Gothic Arch


Our very own staffer, Christine used one of the perks of the job to get in some sewing time. She made two bras, this one in peach with black trim, which fit her like a glove!

Here is some of the lace detail on the side seam

She also made this royal blue Shelley. She only had two days so she did well to get two bras completed in that time!


We custom drafted a bra for Helen because of her small cups on an athletic frame. In her final version, she covered the duoplex with lace to make this bra


Sandy made a Shelley bra too, in a classic combination of beige with beige lace with copper touches. Just need to trim a few threads and she is done!


I want to point out the strap join on this Shelley. Each student in this class were introduced to the idea of a short strap extension on the Shelley as shown below. While I like the concept of the strap extension, I didn’t like that seam. I mean, why bother adding a strap extension if you still have that nasty join. In my post next week, I’ll show you how we made the strap extension all one piece!

Until then, you’ll have to see more of this Digital fashion Show from our Boob Camp February 2017! Here is Sandy’s exquisite Heather bra, my absolute favourite bra of all!

finally she started on some cut and sew foam cups, which she covered in navy blue with the navy and fuchsia lace. I love this combination of colours!


Syreeta made a Shelley bra of cut and sew foam and covered the cups with the Swiss dot tulle we have. To add a bit of colour, she added black cherry back straps, and black cherry trim on the side seams.

She also use fold over binding on the neckline edge.

This was her Shelley bra, with black sheer cup lining for the upper cup and black poppy lace over the lilac duoplex. Well done!

She then made another Shelley bra (her third this week!) with teal duoplex and black accents.

Here is the detail of the lace on the side seam

I hope you have enjoyed our Boob Camp February 2017. We have another scheduled for May, so we’ll have more in our Digital fashion Show then!

Your Fairy Bra Mother


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  1. Stephanie
    Stephanie says:

    Beautiful inspiration! I’m gearing up to make some new bras and this is what i needed to get started. Do you have any posts about the bias finishing of the Shelley?


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