Boob Camp August 2014 is over! Once again, we present our Digital Fashion Show. This Boob Camp was unusual not because we had “only” two students, and not because they were from opposite ends of the country but because of the sheer VOLUME of work they turned out! In five days, they each produced a LOT of bras. You’ve heard about “putting your nose to the grindstone” (wherever did that expression come from anyway?). These ladies really did exactly that.

Here is Julia’s second bra (the first one is always a plain ol’ white bra) She combined navy with burgundy lace in the Butterfly bra for this combo.


 And the back as pretty as the front

She cut the fabric from under the lace for a super-sexy look




Angela was no slouch either. Here is her first Shelley. Note the padded straps!

 And her second Shelley! I guess she liked the padded straps!

 Here’s the back. That bit of lace really adds a nice touch!

Julia’s next bra was all lace. It is a Shelley – hard to see the seaming detail but it is there.

The back is made from navy power net, which looks surprisingly good with the teal lace.


By now, Angela wanted to make a longline bra so that’s what we did! She used cut and sew foam sheeting to make the cups and covered them with this animal print fabric. it is not quite finished yet but some of the bones are already in.

Julia wanted to work with cut and sew foam too. She made a foam bra and covered it with a wide lace. The lace decoration was only on the top and the wide plain section was wide enough for her to make the lower cup.

Even our teacher, Denise, got into the bra-making frame of mind in Boob Camp. She covered a set of MH foam cups with Venice fabric and added this lace. Sort of an exterior power bar! She also made the front frame and the straps from the lace edging

All in all, I was very impressed with how much these two students got done, as there are lots of photos for our Digital Fashion Show! The students at Boob Camp just kept on sewing and sewing and sewing! Well done!

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Wow-it's amazing how much these talented ladies got done at camp-fantastic! Also, the lace placement on the purple Shelley is fabulous (looks almost like an integrated bridge because there is no distortion or change in the shape of the centre flower from one cup to bridge over to the other cup-impressive!). Do you sell that gold band elastic shown on the teal lace/navy bra? I've not seen that before. Some great inspiration here-thanks!


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