Another Boob Camp finished yesterday! This was the last Boob Camp in December 2014 and was a full house. You know what that means – it’s time for our Digital Fashion Show!

Usually on the first two days we start off with the basic bra, then by Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning, they are ready to move on to the more advanced techniques!

Often the students opt for making a Shelley bra. Not only does it cement their bra-making skills, it gives them a chance to choose and work with lace! Here is Lena’s gorgeous combination of lilac duoplex with turquoise and purple lace. We’ve seen that lace before and we love it!

Karin made her Shelley from blue duoplex with black rigid lace over top. And what an incredible fit! Right back to the wall – first time ever for Karin to experience that!

Some of the students opted for foam cups after the Shelley bra was complete. Karin covered the MA style foam cups with that new bamboo dot fabric. So cooperative! (the fabric, I mean, but Karin was, too!) She trimmed out the strap and the neckline edge with a narrow black trim.

Bonnie used foam too and covered it with our turquoise lace fabric. She used all elastic straps as she wanted to do something different in the back.

Here is the back, converted to a Y-back but still with the hook and eye closing. The edges are covered with fold over binding as the elastic would have made it too bulky, especially in the small curved area between the straps.

Here’s Lena’s beautiful foam cup bra using lilac stretch mesh over a black foam cup and the same rigid black lace that Karin used (above).  It’s not quite finished but I wanted you to see how lovely this combination is! Lena also learned how to make a lace bottom edge!

Bonnie, I think was hooked on foam cups! Here is another she did using fuchsia and black lace and the lace on the bottom edge. There are some tricks to using the lace as the bottom edge but it looks like these students mastered it!

Not everyone wants the pre-formed foam cups, and some students from a couple of weeks ago wanted to use the cut-and-sew foam (now that we have it in a dozen colours!) Here is Anna’s ivory bra. Isn’t it gorgeous? Look at the satin trim and the bow! This is French detailing at its best!

And sometimes at Boob Camp we have students who choose some very unusual fabrics to work with!  Here is Miriam’s leather and snakeskin bra. Yes, that is snakeskin on the front and leather on the sides. The cups are made from lace edging with boning inside the back casings.

Bra-lets seem to be seen everywhere these days and our class was no exception. Here is a long line bra-let that Erin made for her roommate a couple of weeks ago using coral lace fabric and peach-coloured 15-denier sheer, all finished edges are covered with peach fold-over binding. Even the straps are the fold-over binding (folded and sewn together)

And here is the back of the same bra-let, all using the fold-over binding in creative ways. Great job, Erin! thanks to all who participate in Boob Camp and our Digital Fashion Show!


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  1. eforshopping
    eforshopping says:

    Beverly, every time you send out photos of all the beautiful bras other women have made with you, I just want to come and sew with you! These are all so lovely, and the women did such a great job!

    And that's the most exciting news I've read all day – a new Craftsy class!!!!! Do we get any hints as to what the class will be? It won't matter – I'll be signing up regardless.


  2. Michelle
    Michelle says:

    Beverly, these are all so lovely! Very inspiring. Whenever you post photos like these, I just want to come and sew with you. And that is such exciting news!!!! I can't wait to see the new Craftsy classes! I'll be signing up.

  3. Lena
    Lena says:

    Boob Camp is highly recommended. Not only do I have great fitting bras but my friend are throughly impressed. I will be back for more classes.

  4. Jeanne
    Jeanne says:

    I think that you should do another class on Craftsy showing how to sew the foam bras and the lace only bras such as Anna's.


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