Our theme for the Ultimate Bra-makers Challenge this month was Take Pride. We challenged you to use the six rainbow colours of Pride to create your own intimate apparel. You had fun with this challenge! Here are the Take Pride Challenge Entries and what the makers had to say about them.


” This month I’d like to participate with two entries. I drafted a pair of panties based on your Craftsy Class, and sewed 6 panties using fabrics of each colour of the rainbow, along with a small bag I made of stripes to store them in. I used the fold over elastic differently from usual, making the edges less bulky and lay more flat. I wanted to extend this set with my second entry: a pair of rainbow coloured panties. Altogether there are seven panties now, one for each day of the week.”


Anna D.

“Here is my presentation for the ultimate bra challenge for June. It is another Alison, with foam cups made from the Classic pattern. It’s not quite a pride rainbow, while it is a rainbow I am proud of : I can parade my child’s soul!”

Anne J.

“Here is a photo of some panties I made for a friend using the rainbow stripe panty kit.  I have enough fabric left over for at least another pair of panties or perhaps a tank style top, so I’ll be making more pride month clothes.”


“I’ve managed to complete three entries for the Take Pride challenge.  I did not anticipate how popular this fabric would be with my kids and their friends.  I bought a meter and got all 3 items out of it with only a very little left.    And they all fit, which is amazing to me. For my son I made the Michael men’s briefs with the new gray waistband elastic.  He’s actually wearing them too!  I made sure the stripes were mirror imaged on the front. My daughter’s friend wanted a bikini top so I made Miami with cut and sew foam.  The stripes lined up beautifully on the cups. My daughter requested compression shorts with the black waistband elastic.  This was fun. On to next month!”


“I modified the classic pattern by adding a front strap extension to the upper cup and lowering the front & the bridge to accept a regular wire. Then I splitting the upper and lower cup into 6 parts. For the strap I used the non-stretched bra strap for the front and strap elastic in the back. My challenge was match the seams when I sewed the upper cup to the lower cup.” We can’t believe how well she sewed this!

Denise and Beverly

This swimsuit is one of the suits featured in The Big Book of Swimwear. It uses colour blocking the rainbow colours on a navy blue background. Beverly was inspired by a suit with similar colour blocking she saw on Pinterest and drafted the pattern from the basic tank suit pattern. Then Denise had the fun job of sewing all those teeny-tiny points!



“Actually I had the idea to make something in orange, the Dutch national colour would fit perfect for the colours of pride theme. But, when I finished these vintage print boyshort for girl (pattern selfmade), I felt this was also nice. I keep the orange in mind.”

Desiree also made a second colourful set “Today I sewed this slipdress / nightdress. My idea was nice and ideal to put in my summer vacation suitcase. But also nice to fit in the June theme coloursofpride.” Well done, Desiree!


” I used the shorts from the Princess Tankini pattern making them out of stretch mesh with bamboo knit “modesty panel” and waistband. My basic concept was to create something comfortable yet sassy. I used my embroidery machine on a knit for the first time with a little play on the expression “the Crown Jewels”. All the seams were embellished with a zigzag stitch in rainbow embroidery thread and fold over elastic at the leg openings. Overall a fun little experiment. ”


“When I looked at the pride rainbow I kept thinking, “bold, fun, fearless.”  The fun is in the colors and (for me) bold is wearing a bikini, fearless is a string bikini. I drafted the pattern. I used a white jersey knit (as I knew this bikini would be used for sunbathing only) and I hand painted the fabric. I will admit that when I put it on I do feel bold and fearless, and I laugh because it’s fun.”


Bra-makers very own Jessica made this colourful bra from fabric she found right here in the fabric district in Hamilton. She used the new Ruby bra pattern with lilac fold-over elastic trim and fuchsia straps. We think the Ruby is her new favourite bra pattern!

Kathleen S.

“Here is my offering for Pride month.  It looks like a bathing suit, but it is a bra and panties.  The bra has my favorite, and most comfortable, racer back.  I’m really looking forward to planning my Birthday Suit (for July)”


Several of our staff were inspired by this month’s challenge. Siena made this simple summer top for herself but was kind enough to lend it to us for the store display. That rainbow fabric is certainly getting around!


“There are so many things to be proud of in life! Here is one of mine! Wearing my challenge of June is my daughter Helena. It seem like yesterday I was sewing washable diaper for her (well… at least I tried!) and now I’m sewing training bra! I used the rainbow stripe nylon-spandex from Bra-makers supply, a white tricot I had and bias elastic for the neck line and the armhole. For the bottom I used firm band elastic but turns out too tight. On the next one I will put it longer or use a smoother elastic.”

We would like to thank everyone for their take pride Challenge Entries and we encourage you to sew for July’s theme – Your Birthday Suit. We are challenging you to work with sheer fabrics. I can’t wait to “see” what you come up with!

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