Not only did Boob Camp July 2014 just finish, but it went back to back with a panty class and a beginner bra class. So our Digital Fashion Show has lots on the runway today!  I love Boob Camp. It’s a week where you can do what you want in bra-making. We had 4 students, two from Alberta, one from New York, one from the Niagara region. What this class lacked in numbers, they made up for in enthusiasm! They were so eager to learn!

The requests for different bras are many and as varied as the students who attend.  If you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall listening in on Boob Camp, here is a sampling of what I hear all the time:

” I want to make a bra/ panty/ bodyshaper just like {insert bra brand here} but I want it to fit me“…{so the same…only different!}

“I want to make a regular bra, plus a partial band bra, plus a foam cup bra, plus a Shelley plus everything else i see in the store!”…{great expectations!}

” I just want a bra to fit me…I don’t care for fancy stuff, just get it to fit me”… {we can do that}

This one is followed a couple of days later by…

” I can’t believe this fits so well. Now I want a red one with lace, and a pink one…oh yes, the turquoise too…and a fuchsia”…{we knew it!}

Here are some of the bras made this Boob Camp week.

The Classic Bra with the addition of a split lower cup and butterfly lace. Also check out the clever use of the bit of lace tucked into the side seam.

Here’s a Shelley with some of that new lace I bought in Taiwan (not much of that left now – it has all sold very quickly!)

Here’s a foam cup covered in the Dotty netting. Fit like a dream!

And here is one that took a longer time to build as she did it from scratch. In other words, she had drafted her cup from her body measurements and made the bra from cut-an-sew foam, then covered it in pink Venice and a sheer lace over top. We taught her how to make the lace edging band so she could have the pretty edge of the lace as the bottom edge.

We also made a “designer dupe”  of a bodyshaper that sells for $100 on the market, and our students signed up for the Boob Camp specifically to make one of those shapers. The cup on the original shaper didn’t quite fit her so we started with getting a bra cup fitted. Then we made the shaper out of our regular power net for the body and duoplex for the cups. (cost of materials – under $25)

She made a shaper with the Classic Bra in a hip length and one with foam cups and a body length so she would have a choice of which she wanted to wear. And drat…wouldn’t you know it, I didn’t get a picture of them (Grace – you promised to send me photos….lol)  but I do have drawings because I knew you would want to see what she made!

So that is our Digital Fashion Show for Boob Camp July 2014! Next week, I am working from my studio at home to get me ready for a secret project coming up the following week! As soon as I get the word that I can tell you about it, I will!

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  1. twotoast
    twotoast says:

    Wooo! I recognize some of those bras! The black & red bra is now complete, and since returning home to Calgary I have been sewing up a frenzy – I will send in some more photos for you. The Boob Camp course was absolutely fabulous – I cannot recommend it enough. Thanks so much for a great week Beverley and Denise, and to the wonderful (and very enabling ladies) in the store – I look forward to returning for more courses! – Lorraine


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