The Shelley class finished today far far away in Stockholm, with 14 students making my Shelley bra pattern, with a four-piece cup, split lower cup and a built- in power bar. So without further delay, here is the Shelley digital fashion show!

First lets have a look at what three students finished yesterday! This is Jenny’s bra with deep raspberry lace.

This is Cecelia’s bra – classic white colour but with a hot pink bow!

Marine also finished yesterday. Each of these three students started another Shelley this morning, and they were still working on them when the class ended. I hope they are able to finish the bras in their room tonight!

Emelie used a lovely pink lace on the top of her Shelley…

As did Laila on hers. It always amazes me how different Shelley looks with different laces!

Lena has a solid white one…that does not make it any less beautiful. White is a classic bra colour!

Patricia opted for an all fabric version!

Agneta used a wedgewood blue lace for her bra.

Karin used a delicate pink and green lace on her bra.

Did I mention that the students like to sew in their hotel room in the evening? Here’s what they have to show for their evening fun! Agneta sewed up not one, but two foam cup bras over the last evening or two. This light amethyst colour is very striking.

This one uses stretch lace over the foam cups. This is one of the laces I got in Taiwan when Agneta took me to the lace market! I am very happy to see it in this bra!

Lastly…here is the polka dot bra that I showed you the other day. I was hoping that Jenny would get it finished! She brought it in today and I have to share it with you. This is retro bra-styling all the way!

Right after class, we went to a birthday party for Bodil’s daughter, Angelica, who turned 25 on Friday. I met a lot more Swedish men and women ( most of whom had names I still can’t pronounce properly!) and we had a piece of traditional Swedish birthday cake.

Apparently, Swedes don’t use candles and a cake topped with icing like we do…but instead they have a cake with strawberry jam between layers at the bottom, then a vanilla custard, then heaped with a 2″ layer of fresh whipped cream…and topped with a layer of marzipan. What can I say but…HEAVEN!
And I will apologize…I didn’t even think of taking a photo of it for the Digital Fashion Show before the cake was gobbled up! Oops!
Tomorrow’s class is called Style Changes, so we will be looking at and learning about all the different ways they can change the Classic bra into an almost endless library of beautiful bra styles. I love teaching this class…and there are a lot of Eureka moments that happen during the day!
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