What fun we are having with the Ultimate Bra-makers Challenge. This past month, we asked you to celebrate the season and put a spring in your step by using performance fabrics to make activewear, ath-leisure wear or sportswear. You did not disappoint. Here are the Spring in Your Step Challenge Entries.

Michelle (Canada)

Here’s my entry for the April Challenge. I’m showing it with my Ingrid as I made it to match my Ingrid. I love it! These are a cotton Lycra & scuba Capri-length ath-leisure pant. I used my self-drafted boyshort pattern to start my Capri pattern. Then used the Tankini pattern for the legs. And finished off the pattern with the waistband from the Triangles and Tangas patterns.

Desiree (the Netherlands)

Goodday, attached is my April contribution in the theme #activelifestyle #vitality. I sewed a “strawberry” spring set. Probably I’m not active like a sportswoman, but to keep fit I bicycle to my work every day which is 11km one way. I experienced that a boxer short is most ideal for biking because of the lack of elastics around butt and legs. Instead of sewing shorts only, I prefer nice lingerie sets, this combination serves both purposes.

Louise (Canada)

I made some long shorts for an exercise class I have recently started. Sewing exercise clothes will keep me motivated to keep going! Yes, I cleaned the mirror just for the picture, but it’s hard to get a non-blurry picture with trains going by. As if black wasn’t hard enough to photograph…

Christine (Canada)

Ladies, here is my entry.
This is a client from my personal training.  I had custom made her a few bras previous to this one and liked them so much she wanted something for her MMA training.  She had a breast reduction at 18.  She is now 55.  This bra was made for her teaching and training sessions for both Karate and Hapkido.  We made some adjustments for this activity:  the centre front is 2 layers of sheer cup lining narrowed with no centre seam.  I didn’t want the most stressed part of a bra to stretch or to have the chance to pull apart.  I used sheer cup lining for the circulation of air through it.  I raised the neckline to ensure nothing could ‘jump’ out during activity.  I lined the bottom cups and side panel with the wickable material and constructed it to sew all the seams to the centre layer. The straps were angled in slightly to ensure they stayed on her shoulders.  The strap length was also made longer cause we found that if she was dive rolling the ring would hit her on her spine of her scapula causing a bruise.  She is so happy to wear something so comfortable, that holds everything in place, wicks away her sweat and doesn’t fall off her shoulders.  Gone are her days of completing a move only to reset her bra for the next move!

Roni (Israel)

I’m at 41 weeks and haven’t been up to sewing for myself lately as I feel like a blimp… Luckily, I usually have a few friends who will be happy to have me sew something for them. This month, I sewed a bralette and shorts/underwear set for my pole dance teacher, Sonia. The set is made from a light cream colored spandex, as she wanted something very neutral. The top is self-drafted based on her measurements and is held in place by the elastic at the bottom and a tie in the back. The underwear is also self-drafted using the techniques learned in “Sewing Panties” on BluPrint (Craftsy). I’ve removed the side seams so there’s only a single back seam and used ruching to give her a more “molded” look. I also swapped out elastic for fabric bands to give a bit more coverage than regular underwear. I’m including two photos, front and back, along with a few action shots during her performance. Sorry for the poor quality of the action shots but they were shot in a relatively dark studio, on a cell phone camera.

Virginia (Canada)

Dear Fairy Bra Mother and Fairy Bra Sisters, My entries for April are two pairs of performance underwear that wick away sweat and prevent chafing. Both pairs are made of Active Cotton Spandex Fabric Wickable Fabric and are made with the seams facing away from the body to avoid ouchies. The PUG boy shorts have been modified with a wider waistband elastic. Proud to report that the “burrito” technique works with PUG panties that have been modified to have only one seam in the back – Hurray! Panties with full coverage in the rear = no wedgies. Double Hurray! Best part about making your own panties? No tags to rub or stick out. Hip hip hurray! Wearing these undies give a spring in your step instead of a chafe!

Rachel (Canada)

Happy end of April from Alberta! Here’s my athleisurewear make, with a Ruby wireless bra inside a self drafted tank, that I was hoping to wear for yoga, but I’m concerned it may be too low for downward dog…. the puppies will escape! It’s very comfy for non-yoga, non-exercise wearing, though! 

Christel (the Netherlands)

Hello, the contribution for April. I used a free Pattern from another company.

Charlene (Canada)

Hi all!  Charlene from Canada here. I am going to call this activewear, even though it is based on Beverly’s Ova-Bra Slimmer pattern. It is a tank to wear under my karate gi and I got it finished in time to wear under my costumes for our local dinner theatre.  I widened the straps, raised the neckline, turned the back into a single piece with a high neckline more like a regular tank. The armholes and neckline are finished with fold over elastic.  The fabric is the Maxine from BMS.

Cassy (Canada)

I’ve made capri leggings for this month’s challenge.  I always love the maxine performance fabric – it is so soft and I’ve paired it with black supplex.  If it ever warms up I’ll be able to replace the long leggings with these shorter ones.  
Take care.


Hi! This is my entry for the April activewear challenge. Made my new favourite pattern, the Ruby. This time with Raspberry coloured wicking fabric and sheer cup lining for stability in the cups. Also used the sheer cup lining for the frame. This time I combined the strap tape and strap elastic. All black findings. Extremely comfortable to wear. Enjoying this year’s monthly challenges.

Louise (Belgium)

Hi! Here is my submission for this month challenge. Some self-drafted leggings that were not that easy to make. I used a twin needle at the bottom and a serger for all other seams. Thanks!

Sonia (Canada)

I’m Sonia, from Québec, Canada. Here is my April entry. I sew a short legging for my daughter’s gym class! I used a boy short pattern to which I added some funny contrast colors stripes. I hope she’ll like it!

Jodi (USA)

For this month’s challenge, I used fabric from Bra Maker’s Supply to make Capri workout leggings. I believe this is the wicking fabric, but it’s been so long since I purchased the fabric that I don’t remember! It is so comfy and I have enjoyed wearing them for my workouts!

Remember, ladies, that this month is Spots and Stripes Month! We challenge you to make intimate apparel using spots or dots and stripes or lines in the same garment! This should be interesting to see

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