We have re-released our popular Alison sports bra pattern but many are asking – what’s new with Allie and why is it replacing Alison? In the comparison of Allie vs. Alison, let’s first look at the original Alison.

It had internal pre-formed bra cups that support the breasts with no seams to chafe or rub while doing sports. There were two back views – a racer back and a regular scoop back. However, the original Alison had only one view – a V-neck front with a zipper. A functional pattern but not a lot of options for design.

Allie, on the other hand, still has two back views, but now offers 4 views for the front, instead of one. We now offer the original solid colour V-front with zipper, plus a colour blocked v-front. Then (because so many of you wanted a pullover sports bra) we added a scoop neck pullover in both solid colour and a scoop neck with colour blocking. Either back option can be used with any of the front options.

The original Alison also used elastic for the bottom band that turned to the inside. We found this could make a bulky bottom band (especially with performance fabrics), so we changed Allie to include wide plush waistband elastic (the same elastic we use in our men’s underwear and the Ingrid pattern.) That elastic is so comfortable, with no bulk and it doesn’t roll. Ever.

Now let’s look at the inside. Here’s where I think you will love the new Allie. I have added a foam cup template, so you won’t have to guess where to situate the internal foam cups. Trace the foam cup template right onto the front of your traced pattern. That horseshoe-shaped template is the cutting line for the foam cup.

Once the fabric cut and the hole is cut for the cup, you simply place the foam cup on the table “hump” side up, then lay the lining of the sports bra over top. Pin all around and stitch it in place with a zig-zag or three-step zig-zag stitch. It’s that easy! No more guessing where the cup should sit!

All the changes we made to the Alison prompted us to re-release it as Allie. We hope you enjoy the new Allie Sports bra. The “old” Alison served us well but it is time for her to be retired. You all gave us feedback over the years – what you loved about that pattern, and what other features you’d like to see. We are happy to introduce our new Allie Sports bra pattern.

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