Bra-making Contest – and the winner is…

Wow! I can’t believe all the great entries to our first ever Bra-making Contest!. The judges had a really hard time deciding the winners but here they are! Here are the four categories:

  • best Modified pattern
  • best original Pattern
  • best Use of trimmings
  • best Use of Cut & Sew Foam
Each of the winners of our Bra-making Contest will receive a gift certificate from Bra-makers Supply
First place – $200 or a 5 day class of their choice
Second Place – $100 or three days of classes of their choice
Third Place – $50 or a one day class of their choice
Honourable Mention – $20 gift certificate from BMS
The Modified pattern category had a lot of entries – and it was for those who used an existing pattern (a lot of you used the Classic or the Shelley) and modified it. Third place goes to Michaela who started with a Classic and changed the cup pieces to a vertical, then drew in the upper cup for what I call the “Freya style” She used all lace trim and mirrored the front bridge perfectly! Well done, Michaela!

Second place in the Modified pattern category goes to Caroline! She used a Classic Bra in 32F, converted it to a partial band bra, then made the bridge into a keyhole bridge.She then changed the straps to a short strap extension. What a great fit and beautiful design! Kudos to you, Caroline!

caro 6

And 1st place in the Modified category goes to….Leah! Leah created this beauty from the Classic Bra with black duoplex under the white stretch lace. She cut the lace in two pieces so she could mirror it as the CF seam, then applied the channeling on the outside of the bra cup! The black trim travelling from the CF to the strap is fold-over binding with small hearts on it. Congratulations, Leah!

Let’s move on to the Trimmings category! Honourable Mention goes to Carla for her Polka Dot retro, made from the hem of a polka dot dress she shortened for a client. She did the pee-a-boo seams from a technique she learned in college.The lace was from a vintage formal dress. We’re showing a close up of the bra cup so you can see the detail of the seam.
Third prize goes to Ciara, who used the the Shelley pattern in this Vintage Valentine. The fabric on the frame is actually two layers of lace and the floral fabric is cotton Swiss dot. The cups are lined with 15 denier, then the polka dot ribbon was woven through the eyelet trim. Ciara says she is not really a huge fan of polka dots, florals or red for that matter, but who would know that from this entry – it just won her a $50 gift certificate!
 ciara 1
Second place in trimmings is awarded to Maria, and this is well deserved! At first glance, the trim looks like simple trim sewn to the upper cup, but upon closer inspection, this is trim made by pleating the fabric and inserting ribbon under the folds!
First place in trimmings goes to Carla! Carla started with a Shelley pattern but the fabric is really unusual – it’s an orange Shantung Polyester and hand stamped it then added a bit of lace on the side (like a power bar). Lastly she added ribbon, metal eyelets, and gears to complete the Steampunk look! Look at the detail in this bra!
Aren’t these entries incredible? There’s more to come! Here in the Original category we had a number of really good entries, so many that we felt we needed to award two Honourable Mentions! This is Jillian and she copied a RTW bra. She changed the cup to a 7 piece cup for extra shaping. This is an incredible job (and she got lift!) I love her polka dot ribbon trim!
 jillian-1Another Honourable Mention to Laurence who drafted her own pattern and dyed her own fabric to a sand dune colour. Her original draft had a horizontal seam so she changed that to a diagonal with a power bar. The fit is fabulous and the workmanship is exquisite.
 laur-sand-duneThird prize goes to Rosalie, with her longline lace bralette with convertible straps. She drafted her own pattern and hopes to make this into a ready-to-wear garment! Very comfortable and still beautifully feminine! Well done!
 Rosalie Loney Bralette-9 Second Prize in the Original category is awarded to Carla who wowed the judges with her Blue Wave bra created from the Shelley, and manipulated the paper draft into this wave pattern! What an incredible job you did on this Carla! Amazing design concept!
 wave side frontFirst prize goes to Sonia who drafted this vertical seam bra  and mirrored the lace perfectly from side to side and on the centre front too! Look at the beautiful job sewing on the fold over binding and using the negative space formed at the strap attachment area!
 The last category is Cut & Sew foam. Honourable mention is awarded to Donna for her grape charmeuse and white lace bra made using the Classic Bra and cut & sew foam.
 donna 13Jeanette won Third Prize with Shelley’s Rose garden which is cut & sew foam covered with a beautiful and summery floral print. Notice that Gothic Arch in the centre of the bridge!
 Jeanette 16
Laurence made this lovely bra and used this beautiful goldenrod coloured lace all over. Look at the  perfect mirroring job in the front! it earned her the Second Prize!
First prize (and the final prize) goes to Andrea  with this spectacular entry Lavender Dreams. Andrea converted the Classic Bra pattern and proves that lace doesn’t have to be “just a piece of lace” and can be used as part of the overall design element. She says the quilted fabric was less than forgiving than the duoplex, requiring a lot of draping to get the cup to lay perfectly on her body.
 an5Congratulations to all the winners of our first ever Bra-making Contest. If you would like to see do this again in the future, please let us know! Which bras are YOUR favourites? Comments are always welcome!
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  1. Deanne Fox
    Deanne Fox says:

    Great work ladies! Congratulations on well deserved wins to you all!
    Hard to pick favourites but two stand outs were the vintage valentine & steampunk, I loved the originality of the designs.
    It would be a shame to clothes over a lot of these beautiful bras!


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