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We’ve been working on the new website and really, this post is to test some settings. It’s also to check to see if anyone is looking! If you are reading this, we would love it if you would let us know about any extras you’d like to see. You may have concerns about its ease of navigation. Therefore, please let us know if there is anything you see here that concerns you or that you would like to see added. Remember, we are in business to uplift you! Here’s a little extra info about how Bra-makers Supply got started. I want you to know a little more about our fascinating little company.

The idea of Bra-makers Supply was started in 1996 in Beverly Johnson’s basement. At that time, Beverly had an mail order sewing supply shop (it wasn’t called e-commerce back then!) They specialized in hard to find sewing fabrics, notions and patterns. She was teaching specialty sewing courses such as heirloom sewing, machine embroidery and industry sewing techniques. She taught both hand and sewing machine techniques such as cutwork, silk ribbon embroidery, smocking and needle tatting. Added to the mix of sewing with knits was … wait for it… bra-making.  Supplies for bra-making was one page in a 72 page catalog, a small offering of white and black elastic and channeling. Supplies were difficult to find and the quality was often not very good.

When Destiny calls…

Fate stepped in when, in 1999 she sold the sewing supply business. Unbelievably the new owner didn’t want the bra-making department and dismissed it as not being relevant to the rest of the business.  Can you believe it? Beverly produced a one page flyer of bra-making supplies. This, in turn helped her students find bra-making supplies in one place, without having to travel all over town, or the country to find them. By now, Beverly had talked her husband into creating a website, just for Bra-making Supplies. His response was… no one is going to use the internet to shop! But he did it!

Today, Bra-makers Supply is in the four corners of the world. In Europe our distributor is B’wear, in the USA it is Sweet Cups, and in Australia  Sew Squirrel carries supplies by Bra-makers Supply. As a result, no matter where you are, you can have top quality and professional bra-making supplies delivered to your door. We are as close as your keyboard!

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