Boob Camp September 2016 is over and we are posting as usual, the Digital fashion Show of the week’s creations. But, let me also show you what else we did this week in our bra-making adventures! Boob Camp week always starts out with the students sewing their first bras on the Monday and Tuesday of the class. They make a plain white bra, but that’s where they perfect the fit! then by Tuesday afternoon, the real fun starts! here one of the students is working with orange. Is she getting ready for Halloween, do you think?img_6093

The students at Boob Camp always display different dynamics within the group and this class was no exception. This whole group loved to work with colours and combing laces with their fabrics. Here’s a gorgeous turquoise fabric.

Boob Camp September 2016 turq bra

Show us that lace up closer, will ya? Ooh, that’s better! I love how the fuchsia accents on the lace really shows up! i wonder what the finished bra will look like?

Boob Camp September 2016 turq 2

Now let’s see some finished bras! I present our Digital Fashion Show. Here’s that orange bra. Funny – it doesn’t look like a Halloween bra at all with that beautiful lace on it! Now it’s been transformed into a lovely partial band bra with short strap extensions. She lined the strap extensions with sheer cup lining to stabilise the area.

Boob Camp September 2016 orange lace

Next we have two different students making the same combination of colours. They both made the Shelley from their bra pattern. I can’t believe of all the laces in our shop, that two students would pick exactly the same ones!

Boob Camp September 2016 white 1

Here’s the second one. Yep, exactly the same!

Boob Camp September 2016 white 2

They both used this back trim as well! That’s our instructor’s signature lace addition!

Boob Camp September 2016 back trim

Next we have lace used all over the Shelley style of bra. Didn’t she do a great job of sewing all that lace over those pattern pieces?

Boob Camp September 2016 peach finished


Bras from leftovers?

Then we had a navy lace used with the leftover white fabric from the original kit. Often there is enough fabric in the kit to make two bras. So that’s what she did.

Boob Camp September 2016 navy and white

One of our students also made two double mastectomy bras this week. In addition, she got started on building the prostheses for them, too. She can save some serious dollars by making her own bras and prostheses. Finally, it’s time to reveal that turquoise lace we showed you earlier. Therefore, Boob Camp September 2016 is proud to present this lovely creation!

Boob Camp October 2016 turquoise finished


Congratulations to all who participated in Boob Camp September 2016!


As always, your comments are welcome and appreciated!

Your Fairy Bra Mother,


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  1. Tammy Hawksworth
    Tammy Hawksworth says:

    Beautiful – looks like a great camp. They are all so nice but my favorites are the orange one and the all over lace one.

  2. Anne
    Anne says:

    They are all beautiful. I wish I could have the funds to attend one day ! I love the straps on the orange one.The bra I am cloning has hoops at the fron just like that and I feel it allows more movement in the front but I was wondering how to do padded straps with that setup. Are these padded ? If so, how far back ? And how it the padded part attached to the part that goes through the sliders ?


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