How is a Bra like a Slipcover? In other words, what do a bra and a slipcover have in common?

1. They are both expected to fit over a curved and shapely surface. The skill needed to cover a curved surface in fabric is needed to make both bras and slipcovers. This skill sets the women apart from the girls, so to speak. A skill you can learn very easily under the right instructor!

2. They are both made without specialized equipment. That’s right – you don’t need a factory full of industrial machines to make slipcovers, or bras. Just your home sewing machine, scissors, pins and thread. Who hasn’t got that?

3. They are both a functional part of our lives. Slipcovers take the everyday wear and tear of daily life and extend the life of the chair underneath. Bras are worn under our clothes for modesty, but also to make the garment fit and look its best. 

4. Both can be made of beautiful fabrics. Who wants bold colours and dramatic prints? Or is delicate and pastel more your style? Are we talking about bras – or slipcovers?

5. Both have the ability to uplift. Want to give yourself a lift? Make a new bra for yourself, or make a new slipcover for your chair. Both will uplift your spirits in ways you can’t imagine!

6. You can make both at Bra-makers Supply! Yes, in May, we are featuring a class on making your own slipcovers! Held by master upholsterer and video instructor, Ron Switchuk, in our very own ground floor classroom!

This is the first time we are offering such a class. With all the fabric stores on Ottawa Street offering great deals on fabrics suitable for slipcovers, this is a golden opportunity to learn from the best!


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