We held Boob Camp October 2017 recently and it was a bittersweet time for all of us. It was to be, not only the last Boob Camp in our old building but our last class of the year. We had hoped to be in the new location to have these last few classes, but it was not to be. It turns out you cannot rush renovations! In any case, here are our Boob Camp October 2017 makes and what a glorious bunch they were!

As always, once the ladies get the plain white Classic bra fitted to their body ( we DO allow them to use pastel coloured thread to sew it!) then they are free to create the lovelies you see here. First up is a black cherry beauty with a split lower cup.

The same student went on to make a gorgeous Butterfly bra using bluebird blue with white lace on top. This butterfly really is so dramatic!

Then she went on to do a black bra with black lace over sheer cup lining. If you are afraid the lace alone won’t hold up your girls, pair it with sheer cup lining. That will do the trick!

This bra was SO stunning and fit so well, I asked if I could share it with you on the blog. I was thrilled when she said yes! This one is platinum fabric and power net and findings, but the stunning part if the lace. She did an amazing job of placing and mirroring the lace.

Here’s another butterfly bra – this one is made from turquoise duoplex with coordinating stretch lace.

We called this one “chocolate truffle”. The rich dark chocolate duoplex pairs perfectly with this coordinating lace.

Another student used turquoise fabric mixed with fuchsia to create this bra. She did the stitching over the cross cup seam with a three-step zig-zag because she thought “it wouldn’t fit”. Imagine her surprise when it did!

Then she used platinum fabric, power net and findings to make this Shelley version.She used a black and silver lace to go with it.

Here’s a clever use of lace over the frame. The way the frame is cut, the two edges of the lace weren’t touched. Then you can use the cut off scalloped edges for something else. That’s pretty clever!

We had a student who wanted to experiment with cotton jersey. Not only did she use two layers of the jersey, with DoGS opposed, she used a neat trick I call invisible elastic to finish the bottom edge of the bra. I’ll do a blog post on this sometime in the near future!

One of the students brought her daughter for Boob Camp October 2017. Even though the daughter didn’t sew, she kept busy needle felting this lovely dragon. We watched this little lady grow from bits of wool into this handsome (and fierce!) creation.

Check out the detail on her face! Imagine, not one bit of sewing – this was ALL needle felted! Boob Camp is the best place to bring out the creativity in everyone.

I almost forgot – this week at Boob Camp October 2017, we had a new teacher while Denise is recovering from a tumble she took. Many of you know Linda from the forums, but did you know that Linda used to work for us many years ago? In fact, she was my first employee! Linda was very kind to give up her day job for a week and teach these lovely students.


So we say goodbye to our old location, and look forward to classes in the new location in the New Year.  If you have been hesitating about joining us for Boob Camp, maybe these photos will help you determine that you really need to come and play with us for five days!

Hugs from your Fairy Bra Mother,


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