This past week we had our annual Mardi Gras Bra week long festivities!  Lots of fun for everyone here at Bra-makers Supply, including students in our week long Mardi Bra Boob Camp. We are so pleased to announce our Mardi Bra Contest Winners! We chose to run a bra-making contest to get us out of the winter blues, and what better way than to make a colourful new bra! It didn’t have to be a bra you’d wear to go to tea with the vicar, but just something fun to create. The rules were basic – submit 6 photos of a bra using colours yellow, green and purple (the official Mardi Gras colours). You could do whatever you wanted – beads, feathers, quilting, stamping…whatever! We had so many incredible entries, it is our pleasure to share them with you.

First, the Entries…

First I will show you the best of all the entries, so you can mentally pick the winners from among them, then at the end I will present the winners! Make a note of your personal winner’s numbers!

  1. Starting us off, is Aline Paquette. Aline chose to make her own striped fabric from yellow and green duoplex! She also braided tubes of fabric for the straps!
  2. Andrea Plassman uses sheer overlaid over the yellow upper cup, then wowed us with braided trim along the neckline and bottom edge and feather trim at the shoulders!
  3. Next is Barbara Cleary, who uses sequin trim and gold mesh fabric over the basic colours. It certainly is sparkly!
  4. This is Charlene Wirtz, who used rubber stamps to create her own fabric. Those butterflies are certainly ready for spring!
  5. Di Temperton used sheer denier and tiny sequin trim to make an external power bar over her Mardi Bra.
  6. Dolores Stegman combined her quilting techniques to cross-hatch the fabric pieces, then used crystals to create this stunning bra!
  7. Erin Hogg Chose to match plaids and make a long line bra for her Mardi Bra entry. Look at how the upper and lower cup seams match at the plaid lines.
  8. Fran Livingston made this bra in multiple pieces (yes, each section is pieced!), then studded it with crystals all over.
  9. Helena Smith made a halter neck bra with external power bars and slings to bring our the festive spirit in all of us!
  10. Holly Myers dyed eyelash lace to the colours she needed, then made her own strap trim from ribbon! Check out the external channeling too.
  11. Ivy Pugh combined feathers, crystals and bead trim in her creation.
  12. Jane Rowat used a twin needle and decorative thread to stitch along the lower cup, then added crystals along the neckline edge for her entry into Mardi Bra.
  13. Kathleen Soltow pieced fabric for the cups of her harlequin bra, then machine embroidered the designs on the other cup. She topped it off with a machine embroidered fleur de lis and mask applique.
  14. Kerri Kozicki used feathers and more feathers as well as beads. She also made her own straps from fabric to add as much colour as possible.
  15. Marsha Barr‘s creation was over the top with this purple jewelled applique bra. She used lots of crystals in her creation! Note the splash of colour in the side seam!
  16. Michelina Martinez sewed gold gimp braid over the seams of her Mardi Bra. Perfect for her own Mardi Gras celebration in Curacao!
  17. Sonia Dubuc made a jester bra with asymmetrical cup designs. She added the jester cap peaks with a roll-over edge so no stitching would show. What technical precision!
  18. Last but not least, Stacey Wood-Strickland combined two colourful fabrics to make a beautiful bra for almost any occasion!

And the winners are…

Honourable Mention – these three ladies were tied and it seemed ridiculous not to reward their efforts! We congratulate #3 Barbara Cleary (sequins and sparkle),  #10 Holly Myers (dyed eyelash bra) and #6 Dolores Stegman (cross hatched and crystals bra). Each won a $25 gift certificate from Bra-makers Supply!

Second Place – winner of a $100 gift certificate and our congratulations goes to # 15 Marsha Barr (the purple and crystal creation)

First Place and winner of our Mardi Bra Challenge is lucky #13 Kathleen Soltow (the harlequin and machine embroidered bra), winner of our $200 gift certificate. Congratulations Kathleen – what an incredible bra!

Did you choose the same winners as we did? We hope you have enjoyed our Mardi Bra Challenge! Would you like to see more challenges of this nature? We hope so, as we have another one planned!

All the best sewing to you!

Your Fairy Bra Mother, Beverly

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  1. Donna DeCourcy
    Donna DeCourcy says:

    Such creativity! There are some amazing sewing techniques in these entries. Mardi Gras will never be the same with these Mardi Bras! Congratulations to all the contestants!

  2. Linda
    Linda says:

    WOW!!! Those are AMAZING! Would love to have a pattern/instructions for #6 quilted bra. Congratulations to all the talented contestants! Beautiful work!


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