After our recent posts on getting inspired by the Marlies Dekker bras our student showed us, we are ready for some really sexy strapping! Are you? This is the original bra, with leather hardware connectors joining bits of elastic and some wide strapping. Notice the square grommets and leather connectors.

This is the back of the same bra

Actually, this is a fairly easy bra to duplicate. Let’s show you how to do it! First, we did a bit of modification to the back strap area. In order to have the back strap criss-cross as it does in the photo above, we need to change the orientation of the strap to face IN to the centre back, rather than out as it normally does. in the photo below, you can see what changes we made.

Then we used the MA style foam cups (in black of course!) to make a regular foam cup bra. We did not feel the need to cover the cup with fabric as the fabric already on the cup is perfectly good. We made up the band from duoplex and added fold-over binding to the bottom edge, as well as the neckline and underarm edges of the cup. So far, it is no different than a regular foam cup bra!

Make the Sexy Strapping!

Now for some fun making the straps. Assemble narrow and wide strap elastic (we used 5/16″ and 3/4″), a couple of large grommets, a few scraps of leather (really, we used fake!) and some gold sliders and rings. The rings in the front are 3/8″ and the sliders in the back are 3/4″ to match the width of the strap elastic there. Then we assemble the front strap bits like this; the narrow elastic is sewn behind the vertical length, which ends in a small ring.

Next, we made the triangle shaped piece for the front feature. It is easiest to draw one good half, then trace the other half from that one.

Then we cut two of this shape from (fake) leather and edge-stitched around the perimeter. It is almost always best to use two layers of leather when the leather is fine and especially when you want the back side to look as good as the front. Notice we left enough room on the three tails so we could so each one to a ring.

Here it is in place with the assembly so far. We couldn’t resist trying it on Ashley to see what it is going to look like. Then we drew out the shape for the side connection and tested it for scale.

The side pieces have grommets in them to support the wide straps. You might remember that the original bra has rectangular grommets, but we didn’t have any. So we improvised. We use our #2 grommets and used everything in gold just to ramp it up a bit from the original. If you are making this, make sure you have the leather large enough to comfortable hold the large grommet. We couldn’t decide if this shape was a duck’s head or a hair dryer!

Add the Strapping to the Bra!

Again we sewed two layers together, but this time we needed 2 sides. When sewn around the edges, then you can set the grommets. Make sure you make a left and a right connector when inserting the grommets! Now the whole sexy strapping assembly is ready for insertion into the bra.

Here we are pinned in place and ready to sew.

Close up of the grommet attachment area. Notice the fold over binding goes around the strap attachment point on the foam cup.

Here is the front of the finished bra

And here is the back. Do you think it passes for a close imitation of the original bra? We thoroughly enjoyed making this bra and hope you enjoyed it too!

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  1. Jackie S`
    Jackie S` says:

    I haven’t even started your Craftsy class that I just signed up for (actually I signed up for all three of your classes) and I can hardly wait until I can do fun things like this. But then, just having a bra that fits comfortably and is flattering will be a thrill for me.

    • Beverly Johnson
      Beverly Johnson says:

      Now you can make this yorself! Even if you buy a black bra and re-work the straps to this type of thing, you can have a beautiful sexy bra too!


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