We love Boob Camp, but we especially love Summer Boob Camp. The weather is perfect and we get so inspired by the students that come from around the world to be with us for 5 glorious days. We call that a “sew-cation” but some call it a “play-cation”. Whatever you want to call it, it is a whole week where students perfect their bra pattern and create new ones based on our suggestions or something they’ve seen on the internet.

We’ve had a couple of Summer Boob Camps so I really think you need to see what they’ve created here in our Enchanted Castle in Hamilton, Ontario. (We call it that because the Magic of Bra-making happens here!)

Students almost always start with a basic Classic bra, but these groups were ahead of the game, as they lept right into making designer bras. Here is a partial band made with our Sheer Striped Duoplex

We welcome those who try our Classic in another way. This student used Chantilly lace over duoplex. We tried to convince her she could use a sheer cup lining under the lace (instead of duoplex) for a super sexy look. Maybe next time!

Of course, we always welcome ideas for combining colours in an unusual way. Royal Blue and Black Cherry!

Next, we always have a Shelley. This one has some crystal trim on the strap connectors.

Our second Shelley has lace trim on the bridge, too.

We don’t just make bras in Summer Boob Camp. We also have students making bralettes.

About Wednesday of Summer Boob Camp, students start to think about all the other designs they could make with a little help from our talent teachers. A sheer balconette cup with double strapping? No problem!

Here’s the same cup in a different fabric combination. This one uses cut & sew foam with a darted lace overlay.

Then, our students discovered Ruby, our latest designer bra. Oh what fun they had with Ruby!

With lace or without lace, they seemed to love this pattern.

This version of Ruby uses cut & sew foam and had the seams of the foam covered with velvet ribbon. So pretty!

This Ruby added a power bar to the mix. Not only that, but our student turned it into a partial band as well.

Finally, we had someone try something that was new for us too. This student wanted a longline bra (with boning) and pre-formed cups. The cup was too low under the arm so we raised it with the help of a power net underarm extension (which we saw in a ready to wear bra).

Here’s the boned longline back.

And here’s the front. Cleavage like nobody’s business! And she said the straps were not having to hold any weight at all – the cups and band were doing their job. Now that she has a formula that works, she needs to make one with a beautiful fabric cover.

Here is her creation under her t-shirt. Gorgeous!


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  1. Rosemary Griffin
    Rosemary Griffin says:

    I am just so timid to try all the tricks, I do something new each time, such a wonderful bras and so inspirational. I have all the bits, I just need to get going.


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