The three newest patterns in the Pin-up Girls collection are Ruby, Sapphire and the soon-to-be-released Amethyst. Since I typically name my patterns after women in my life, and these patterns are clearly named after gemstones, some have asked why Ruby? Get yourself a cup of tea…here’s the story of Ruby…

Once upon a time (no wait…wrong story!) One day… about 3 years ago, a young woman came into my shop wanting to take a bra-making class. My first question to her was “do you sew?” (a reasonable request on my part – you have no idea of how many want to learn to sew bras that can’t even operate a sewing machine.) Her answer was no. I think I was kind in my answer that she learn to sew before she signs up for a bra-making class. But that’s not how she remembered our first meeting…

“I was so excited to meet Beverly Johnson. I had heard so much about her, she was a celebrity in my eyes. When Jade, my sewing teacher suggested I go with her to Bra-makers Supply to pick up supplies for a class, I jumped at the chance. Imagine my shock and disappointment when she blew me off because I couldn’t yet set in a sleeve.”

Well, ouch! I must learn to have more patience with newbie and non-sewers.

In any case, the young woman was tenacious about learning bra-making. She was not giving up. She took more classes at the Make Den in Toronto, and Jade even taught her in a bra-making class there. She returned to my shop to show the bra she made and she was very proud of it (and rightly so).

Somehow she started coming around to the shop more often and we got talking. She asked if she could sew in our classroom once a week for a few hours. She told me a few things I might consider to  put Bra-makers more in the eye of the public. Turns out she was a marketing director for some big company in the city.  Would you exchange space in your classroom for solid marketing advice? Of course! So that’s how this young woman, Ruhee became a regular at Bra-makers.

Ruhee was the driving force behind our legendary off-site meeting in Orlando at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. She planned and ran the meetings as well as made sure we did all the follow-up we wanted to do. The result was a happy and motivated staff that would carry us forward into the next stage of our company growth.

Over the next year, Ruhee took every bra-making class we offered. When she announced she wanted to start her own custom bra-making company, I was not surprised. She had a marketing plan that would ensure her success. When she finally registered her business, she wanted the right name. Her friend Trish,  (with a glass of wine in hand) joked about how it could be called – Ruhee’s Boobies, or Rubie’s for short. The name stuck and Rubie’s Bras was born.

So now you’ve met Ruhee and you know how the name came to be, but there’s more to the story. I’ll tell you about Ruby and the other jewels in my next post…

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  1. Yasmin
    Yasmin says:

    Rubies Bra created with determination and woman’s comfort in mind. Comfort with beauty and elegance all combined together in “ Rubies Bra”. Ruhee you did it. Thank you!!

  2. Jennifer Moriarty
    Jennifer Moriarty says:

    That Canada bra in Rubies lookbook is super cute. She sure can sew now. I’m looking forward to the next pattern release.

  3. Starr
    Starr says:

    Bev, don’t take this the wrong way. I definitely have my tongue in my cheek, so this begs the question, in my mind, at least. Are you naming your patterns after a line of sewing machines? Regardless, they are beautiful names for beautiful patterns by a beautiful lady!

    • Beverly Johnson
      Beverly Johnson says:

      OMG, Starr. I never even thought of that when I named these. But my years associated with Husqvarna would make you think it had some connection, right? Seriously, no, though!


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