Christmas in the Village

We have a weird little corner in our store  – it’s under the stairs leading to the apartments upstairs. That corner is usually the catch-all corner for remnants, left-overs and sale items. Not an attractive corner by any means. Some time ago, one of our students offered us a deal to take all the remnants off our hands – it would be useful to her to make up samples and experiment with designs. But for us, it would be great to clear that space! But what should we put in it?  Before I could make any decisions about a display, a magical thing happened overnight and we came in to Christmas in the Village! A tiny village appeared in that space under the stairs, complete with houses, buildings, trees and people!

Upon closer inspection, I found a tiny Fabric store! Hmmm…how come there isn’t a tiny Bra-makers Supply in this village? I must speak to the village council!

And a Quilt Shop (just for you, Denise!)


Look at these tiny kids playing hockey on the village ice rink! (Well, this IS Canada!) Oh wait, there’s more kids playing in the snow as well! There’s also a group singing carols. You can just see the tiny streetlights in the background, too!

That corner is filled now with the spirit and joy that is Christmas. Many thanks to the elves that made this village happen!

To all of the bra-makers out there (customers or not!) – our staff at Bra-makers Supply wish all of you the merriest of Christmases. And of course we wish you all a SEW Happy New Year!

Order fulfillment: Rebecca, Teresa and Agata
Teacher: Denise
Website and Tech support: Ray and Mary

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  1. Donna DeCourcy
    Donna DeCourcy says:

    Best wishes to all of you! Karen and I enjoyed our 4 days of sewing with you. We were kept so busy, that we didn't have time to see your Christmas village in detail, so thanks for posting this! Denise, and Beverly, you are so patient and encouraging. All the staff seem very happy to come to work, and it was nice to hear you all filling the orders, and helping us with our choices of fabric. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and safe travels throughout the holiday. Many thanks from you fans in Fredericton!


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