Open House at the Enchanted Castle!

Considering I was an absolute “wreck” the week before, our Open House at the Enchanted Castle Saturday June 25th turned out to be the most fun I’ve had in a looong time! Why do I call it the Enchanted Castle? What else would you call the place where the Magic of Bra-making happens?  What was making me crazy was the amount of prep time that goes into an event but I’ve had other things on my plate as well, such as….

  • prepping for a Crafty class in three weeks
  • taking photos to upgrade the website
  • taking care of entries in the photo contest (there were a LOT!)
  • announcing the winners of that same contest
  • getting ready for the open House
  • writing blog posts ahead
  • writing newsletters ahead
  • oh yes, almost forgot…renovations going on at my house!
OK, OK…you get it, right? I was, to say the least, a tad busy last week. But that’s ok. It’s Sunday and I can breathe deeply and relax (well, maybe not quite yet – I want to finish this blog post!)
Saturday morning I went to get the freshly baked cookies at Beyond the Batter, here in Hamilton. I was thinking they would prepare the cookies ahead (like I would do) but they assured me they would be baked a 6:30 am that same morning. OK, that’s overdoing the freshness bit!
Here are the cookies fresh off the decorating assembly line and in the box ready to go! Pink and polka dots…my favourite!

 Isn’t Anyone Coming?

When I got to the store at 11 am, I was the first to arrive, so I was able to slow down a bit and think about where they should go. When the rest of the staff arrived at 12 we prepared the “buffet table”. Arranging the goodies on plates with pink and white polka dot napkins seemed the right thing to do.  (What? Did you expect any less?)
 At 5 minutes to 1, there was still no one around…I started to wonder if I might be forced to eat all those cookies myself! Maybe no one reads Facebook or our newsletter…second guessing is second nature to me! However exactly one minute later…there was banging at the door! In came a swarm of women..they had been waiting up the street for us to open! Open the floodgates and stand back!
After lots of hugs and exclamations of “O.M.G! I haven’t seen you since we were in class together!” women were busy making new friends and re-visiting old ones. There were women there I hadn’t seen in years, so I was really pleased they came. And they all got a Goody Bag!
Hmmm…wonder what’s in it?

Here’s a short video I made of some of the people at the event. This was toward the end as the women were starting to leave. We had between 30 and 35 in attendance but it was hard to count women while they were moving around! I did try to do Facebook Live, but I couldn’t get it to work . Note to self…try the technology out before the day!

You might be wondering …WHY  the Open House at the Enchanted Castle? Three HUGE reasons

  1. June 2016 marks the start of our 20th year of business at Bra-makers Supply. Yes, someday…. I’ll tell you a story about how BMS started while I was in the hospital on morphine!
  2. June 2016 marks the 2 year anniversary of the Facebook Group, Bra-makers – Beginner to Intermediate, called BB2I for short. Actually it was Donna from BB2I who nudged me to have this Meet Up for the Bra-makers in this area!
  3. i just wanted to have a party with bra cookies and pink lemonade, with bra-making friends!

Goody Bags?

Meanwhile, in Salt Lake City…Camille from Sweet Cups Bra Supply was also having a Meet Up at the Doubletree Hotel. While it wasn’t “quite” an Enchanted Castle, there was still magic happening! She has a short video on the BB2I Facebook Page, so if you want to see Camille (and the new baby) and the other bra-makers in SLC, be sure to scroll down to view that video! You just might want to join that Facebook group – you will find lots of good bra-making advice and inspiration there!

So just what was in that Goody Bag? We had short rulers and tape measures made just for our special guests and we put it in the gift bag along with our signature pink pen!

So our very first Open House at the Enchanted Castle was a huge success, thanks to everyone who attended. Special thanks to my SUPER staff of hard working ladies, who loved meeting all of you! What do you think…should we do this every year? (hint, hint!)

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