As bra-makers, we put a high value on our skills to make supportive, yet comfortable undergarments. Isn’t it time you use those same skills to make supportive, comfortable underwear for the man in your life? Wait, what’s that? Supportive Underwear for men and a pattern for men only? Yes, we are announcing our newest Pin-up Girls pattern for Men’s Underwear. The pattern includes two styles, called Michael and Lillebror, named after our two models and testers.

Michael is the more traditional North American styling with the front panel slightly curved. The back is interesting with its curved seams.  The Lillebror has European styling with a shaped front panel and no seams in the back at all.

What they both offer is what you cannot see from the outside…a nifty support sling system for “the boys” that keeps the parts separated and prevents chafing. Yes, men don’t like sweat down there either! However if you (or he) doesn’t want the sling, you can cut a double layer for the front panel instead and all will be well.
There are no darts in either view, just some curved seams to provide the shaping. There are no seams or darts in the front panel at all which is also good news. My first prototype had darts in the front, and while they were “OK” I really worked to get a dart free, seam free front.
The supply list is super easy…one half yard or metre of fabric and elastic to fit his waist. The elastic could be 1.25″ to 2″ wide (32-51 mm wide) how easy is that? We’ve tried cotton spandex, cotton jersey, Bamboo and Modal, but you could also use any other stretch knit that you want to work with. Why not make some crazy prints in wild colours? He’ll be the envy of the locker room!
All you need is 20 minutes to sew them together! Remember, making time for something important is not just for men only. Make the time to give your guy the best underwear he’s ever had!
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  1. jeanluby1
    jeanluby1 says:

    I am having difficulty looking for bra cups. My idea is I use my regular bra but give the cup better shape, by inserting something in cup. I do not want empty balloon breasts as is found in retail store. Just to mention all bras are uncomfortable for me I can only wear for a few hours. I cannot afford classes for $250 in that case I would have one made to measure and just own one. I would like to correct what I have by adding something in the cup area. I am 75 years old and my breasts aren’t what they used to me. Balloon cups aren’t the answer… Also I can sew a pattern would be helpful with a booklet I could try that. I am desperate! Thank you, Jean

    • Beverly Johnson
      Beverly Johnson says:

      You can make your own “cookies” for the lower cup by stacking layers of foam to fill in the space on the lower cup. When inserted, the coolies will push the breast upward to fill the upper cup, creating a more uplifted appearance


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