National Underwear Day

Friday August 5th is National Underwear Day! If you’re like me, your mother warned you to always wear clean underwear in case you were “in an accident!”.  The thought of having strangers having to remove your dirty underwear is a sobering thought when you are 8 years old. Now that I am older, I know there are better reasons to wear fresh underwear.


Underwear are clothes worn under other clothes, often next to the skin. They keep outer clothes from being made dirty by sweat. They also shape the body and offer support for parts of it, and in cold weather help the wearer to keep warm. Underwear can be used to protect the wearer’s modesty, as well as to make them look sexy. Special types of underwear have religious importance. Some items of clothing are made to be worn as underwear, while others such as T-shirts and certain types of shorts can be used both as underwear and as outer clothing. If made of suitable fabric, some types of underwear can serve as nightwear or swimsuits.  Source:

National underwear Day proof positive

Did you know that the average woman owns approximately 21 pairs of underwear? Approximately 10% of women own over 35 pairs. The stats for the collection of underwear in a man’s drawer are somewhat murky – some men’s sites suggest a week’s worth (to avoid doing laundry so much) while other sites suggest 2 weeks worth is even better.

How many pairs do you /your significant other own and how many of those did you make yourself? 

We’ve Got You Covered!

At Bra-makers Supply, we have a lot of panty patterns for you to make your own underwear. What a great feeling of satisfaction to make your own well-fitting and comfortable underwear. Plus you can actually save money by using old cotton t-shorts as the gusset lining. Old t-shirt cotton will never shrink and you can get at least 10 gussets out of a single t-shirt!

Panty Basics – all the basic underwear you are likely to need, plus it can be used as a springboard pattern to make other styles

Boy shorts – a great alternative to the regular briefs. They don’t have elastic in the legs and are super comfy.

Men’s Underwear – the first pattern for men  with two versions, American and European styling, both with an internal support sling

Girls Underwear – these sew up quickly and don’t take a lot of fabric. How about matching mom-and-daughter sets?

How to celebrate National Underwear Day

Make some new underwear for yourself or someone close to you! Or use #NationalUnderwearDay to post your makes on social media and encourage others to join in.  If you are the bashful type, just wear your underwear around the house when no one is home.  One can also celebrate by watching the 1983 romance comedy “Risky Business” starring Tom Cruise and Rebecca De Mornay.

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  1. Ilna
    Ilna says:

    I always get confused about the underwear word meaning panties/knickers. Here underwear is the generic term for everything: bras, knickers, slips, vests, etc. – anything you wear under your clothes. I have 7 pairs (? it is only one) which are handmade, 3 of which match a bra, but lots which are store bought (I only started sewing undies about 6 months ago). I love sewing my own bras more, but I do love matching sets.
    Thanks for all the inspiration on your blog and in your Craftsy classes.

  2. J. Williams
    J. Williams says:

    I always thought everyday was clean underwear day (and sometimes twice in the Summer in Texas) and will celebrate today and toast the Fairy Bra Mother for the Boob Camp last June–almost have 2 weeks worth of daily, perfect fitting, designer bras made by me! Best experience in sewing ever!!


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