Here I am back in beautiful Denver, Colorado for a few days. It’s like the Return to Oz for me! I assumed the weather would be much colder than ours but I was pleasantly surprised. It is mild (for winter weather) and I may not have to wear my big clunky winter snowshoes… This is what the airport in Denver looks like…almost surreal. So very appropriate for the return to Oz!

return to oz feature

When I checked in to the Curtis Doubletree in downtown Denver, this was part of the check in process. Hmmm….wonder what it is? I think maybe the printing on the bag is giving away their little secret…

O.M.G. There is a warm cookie inside the bag! A warm chocolate chip cookie. Apparently this is a Doubletree standard! I like this place already! Any hotel that hands out warm chocolate chip cookies is definitely OK in my book!

The hotel is decorated in a pop culture theme. My floor is the chick flick floor, so there are movie posters decorating the hall walls. Here is my room…neat picture of legs and boots over my bed. I wasn’t sure what the picture was until I stood back and took a more far-sighted view of it. At first I thought it was corset lacing! Shows where my mind is!

And this try to life picture in the bathroom. This room is mine, for sure! Cartoons in the bathroom. I like it!

Here’s a neat poster of shoes at the end of the hall. I like this floor – it suits me!


And this gal outside my door…does anyone know who she is? She is one of my role models…I love her attitude!


Ok, it is time to  wind down for the night and be ready for a big day tomorrow. I’ll keep you posted!

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  1. Beverly Johnson
    Beverly Johnson says:

    I love everything about Rosie! I learned about her in the late 50s…when my dad said I could anything I wanted (except of course – be a horse doctor – that was man's work!)

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    The poster is known as Rosie the Riveter. She was a from a WWII campaign to encourage women to work in the factories while men were away.

  3. freshcityfarm
    freshcityfarm says:

    The gal is "Rosie the Riveter"…she was the face of a can do campaign of sorts in the US back when all the guys were off at war. The women had to go do the factory jobs and other such typically (especially at the time) identified guy jobs. Of late many communities have programs oriented toward young adolescent females that teach them trade sorts of jobs such as plumbing, carpentry, tree trimming, firefighting, police work, etc… It's quite an empowering program here where I live.

  4. Carol in Denver
    Carol in Denver says:

    Welcome to Denver! I hope your stay is a pleasant one. I am tired of wearing bras where the underwire either sticks me in the underarm or protrudes between my breasts, this after paying over $80. Therefore, I will be signing up for your Craftsy bra-makers class and looking forward to having great-fitting, pretty bras to wear.


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