I just got back from the European Lingerie Tour 2017 hosted by Mrs. Weaver and Triple M Tours and what a time we had! An amazing group of 20 women (and one gentleman) in three iconic cities full of lingerie. We had classes, tours and lots of chocolate! Would you like to come on a virtual tour with me? I thought you might! the tour was so jam packed with activities, tours, museums and food, I am breaking this post into 3 parts, this one is the European Lingerie Tour London Edition!


First, we checked into our hotel on a quiet street near Piccadilly and Kensington Park. The rooms were very tiny and the bathroom even more so. My roommate, Jodi and I quickly learned a bathroom schedule that would work for both of us! This hotel was a five minute walk from the Park, where they had a display of Princess Diana’s dresses on display. Unfortunately for us, they were sold out on the days we had available.

We got the tour off with a bang with a show in the theatre district.  Riding the tube had its own share of challenges… You can see part of Jodi, Aline, Julie, me and Adele.  Not sure who owns all the spare hands and noses!

We saw Aladdin! The cast and the costumes were so perfect…..the genie was gorgeous!

The next day it was up early to catch a tour of the London Eye.  This giant Ferris wheel has pods that hold 20 people and the wheel never stops rotating, so you can see London 360 degrees from the air. Incredible!

Then I went off to the Tower of London… Several of these photos are courtesy of Joan MacKenna out of San Diego.  I dropped my phone and it was dead for three days, then mysteriously came back to life!

Our tour guide was this handsome fellow. I saw him again later that evening but I didn’t recognise him at first….he was out of uniform! All Tower of London guards have to have served at least 3 years in Her Majesty’s Forces and they live right on the grounds of the Tower. That’s one really cool address….

This part of the tower of London is the most important.  You can see the Queen’s crest below the clock

Sentry guard at the tower…rain or shine.

This tower is where they keep the coronation garments.

…and the crown jewels! there is a moving sidewalk in front of the jewels so you can look but not touch!

This is the White Tower.  This is where the famous ravens are housed.  Legend has it that the Royal family will fall if the ravens leave the Tower.  I expect that is why they are so well fed!

The tower of London is also where they print the money!  It does take a while to get used to the size, shape and designations of the coins!

This is the Tower Bridge at night all lit up..!

That evening we went to a Medieval Banquet held in the Ivory House down near the banks of the river and close to the Tower.

Our knight was the best! He was wearing a chain mail tunic, so naturally I asked to try it on!  (You would too!)  Everyone else tried the chain mail on too!

Our entertainment was in the form of sword fights, and jugglers and acrobatics of all sorts. Here’s a short video of one of them, although I am not certain spandex was around in King Henry’s court!

We were exhausted that night but ready for our next tour early the next day.  The  Victoria and Albert Museum has a fantastic display called “Undressed”, an exhibit of underwear going back to the 1600s.  That was a highlight of the trip, but they wouldn’t let us take photographs…so I bought the book instead!  This is the book to buy if you cannot get to London before the end of the month!

I also went to the London Dungeon, and a walking Jack the Ripper Tour.  I know, a little eerie, but exciting too, and definitely worth checking out London’s notorious past. Turns out, our guard from the Tower of London moonlights as a Jack the Ripper tour guide. We felt quite safe being escorted around Whitechapel with a sharp dressed member of Her Majesty’s Service.

Such an incredible time in London. Food, lingerie and museums – what more could a girl want on holiday? We are going to take the Chunnel across the English Channel to get to Paris. That is exciting in itself! Read about our time there tomorrow. Until then….Cheerio!

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      Oh, there was one video of me doing a shimmy in the chain mail, too….but I couldn’t find it! (good thing)


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