On to our second city in the tour – here is the European Lingerie Tour Paris Edition! Along with Mrs. Weaver and our energetic band of 20, we left London and travelled via the “Chunnel” (the train tunnel under the English Channel) then overland to Paris. This trip only took us a surprisingly short 4 hours. I was surprised at how quickly we arrived. Travelling by train in Europe is definitely the way to go, in my opinion! When I lived in Germany from 1976-1980, I travelled to Paris by myself by train to pick up my parents from the airport there. My parents got a “deal” on a flight from Toronto to Paris, and they could not comprehend my questioning why they didn’t fly into an airport closer to Germany! It wasn’t that far on the map, they said! Just so you know, my home in Germany was a ten hour train ride from Paris. My second trip to Paris now, I am older, wiser (maybe) but still in love with the European train system. Especially since our tour guide, Debra of Triple M Tours in Calgary had arranged first class tickets!

Our hotel room in Paris compared very favourably to the tiny one in London, and best of all, no incense burning in the lobby! However –  they did start painting the ceilings of the dining area and the foyer while we were there, so our poor noses really did not catch a break! See the big wide balcony above the front door? That was our room, and I think we got the best room in the hotel! The bathroom was huge, big enough for a party, for sure…lol

The very first night, we had a banquet in a beautiful old restaurant in the heart of the city. The walls were filled with old paintings and bits of vintage lace. Well, you know I see bras everywhere….even in this section of trim!


That same night after our dinner, we took a boat ride on the Seine to look at the highlights at night. On our way there, we saw several metal fences with thousands of locks on them. Apparently, couples place a lock on the fence and throw the keys into the Seine to “lock” their love. The weight of the locks is so great, that it has impacted the structures underneath, so every once and awhile, the sections of fence have to be removed and new ones put up.

One of the sights was, no unexpectedly, the Eiffel Tower. Seeing it lit up at night was spectacular. I knew we were going to see it the next day close up and personal, but at night from afar, it was still very impressive!

Our travels took us past L’ Arc de Triomphe, and what a sight that was. Here’s the thing about driving in Paris – apparently there are no separate lanes for traffic. It’s a free for all. Thirteen lanes of traffic trying to fit in a six lane space. That’s enough to get the heart pumping!

One of the things that we did on Mrs. Weaver’s European Lingerie Tour was the Bra Toss. It took place at the Trocadero, which is a large square tiled area between two wings of buildings. There have been many bra tosses over the years, but I’s like to think ours was the best! Because of the high winds that day, we hung on to the straps – the wind really took those babies high into the air!

The Trocadero is directly across the Seine from the Eiffel Tower, another stop on our Grand Tour of Paris.  It was impressive at night for sure, but you cannot believe how tall this iconic structure is until you look up…way up from the base of the tower. There are actually 4 restaurants on the tower itself. You can go up the stairs, or take the cable cars (which we did).

Some random people showing the scale of the tower. Not the ones close to the camera, but the ones on the right further back. They are closest to the base of the tower.

The next day, we were able to get in some shopping for fabrics too. In this tiny hidden square, we found a treasure of a fabric and trim shop.

Inside…it was full of trims, buttons, yarns and fabrics!

But the day for fabric shopping was not over yet! Our next stop was a two part store – one store on each side of the street. One half was filled with millinery supplies, the other…with buttons and more trims!

And everything else too!

And then I spotted this little gem… hand made lace using bobbins of thread. These bobbins are looped and twisted around the working threads to create intricate lace patterns. I would love to learn how to do this!

That afternoon, we came out of the past, and into the Gallerie Lafayette is a huge modern shopping centre, known for this huge glass dome over the main entry section. High end shops, dozens of them are housed in the Galerie and this is where you can find some very nice bras, among other things!

I did see some external channeling trim on this beauty in the Gallerie and I loved it.

Then up to the rooftop terrace to enjoy some hot chocolate! From left to right, Margy (San Diego), Karin (Mrs. Weaver), me and Aline (Montreal)

I had always wanted to go to the Moulin Rouge (Red Windmill) because of the costumes, but especially so after the movie with Nicole Kidman was released. Here it is in the daytime…

…but it is at night time when the Moulin Rouge comes to life! If you click on the text, you can see a short video of the windmill at night!

Paris is the home of the Louvre, one of the biggest museums in the world. There is absolutely no way you could see everything in the Museum in one day., so we just picked an area and tried to do that one small part. The entrance to the Museum is usually by the pyramid.

Joan (the leader of the San Diego 6) and I took in the fashion and decorative art exhibit. That’s Margy and I wondering where to go next in the Louvre! OMG…it is huge!

By then, we were tired little travellers. But there was no rest, tomorrow we are off by train to Amsterdam, our third and final stop in the European Lingerie Tour. Until tomorrow then…au revoir!

Your Fairy Bra Mother, Beverly

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  1. Sandy
    Sandy says:

    Ah, Paris! My favourite city in the entire world. One day, I’m going to go back and actually shop for trims and fabrics. I’ve been four times now and all I’ve managed is a trip to the neatest little button shop. There are just too many other things to pack into a few days, it seems. However, I do have several bra and panty sets from Galleries Lafayette….lucky me!

    • Beverly Johnson
      Beverly Johnson says:

      You are lucky indeed. I bought several pairs of decorative panty hose there and was mightily impressed!


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