The Canada Cups – Cross Your Heart Relay

Would you like me to wave my magic wand and send you on a trip across Canada? You would? How about a magical trip where you also be learning all about making your own intimate apparel? Are you in? Join me as I take you across Canada and into the wonderful world of intimate apparel. This trip is FREE…and without the hassle of airports, luggage, or strange hotel beds! The best part is….wait for it…you will be joined by thousands of your sewing friends. You’re in luck, my friends! <cue the magic wand sprinkle> Welcome to the Canada Cups Cross your Heart Relay!

Canada Cups Cross Your Heart Blog Tour feature

A dozen bloggers, 7 classes, a week full of fun. That’s what you are in for! Not only are you going to meet two new Canadian bloggers each day of the relay, you will also get their unique take on the fabulous sewing classes they’ve just taken. What classes? Those would be classes for Sewing Intimate Apparel…and we are talking bras, panties, corsets and lingerie. Classes you can take too!

Here’s how it is going down! These womanly word wizards have teamed with Craftsy and with each other to blog about Intimate Apparel classes. On each day, the bloggers will pass you over to the next team, like a relay. The Canada Cups Cross Your Heart Relay! As their Fairy Bra Mother, I wanted to get this Lacey Race off to a great start. My job is to introduce you to my new breast friends and magically transport you to their Canadian blog-sites.

Canada Cups Cross Your Heart Tour feature

The 12 bloggers are 6 from the “west” and 6 from the “east”…or dare I say…6 from the Left Cup and 6 from the Right Cup? (tee hee) Our bosom buddies will review one Craftsy class each day of the week. You will get two different perspectives on each class, the teacher, and the projects they’ve sewn on the same day!  Then they will direct you to the next pair in the Canada Cups Cross your Heart Relay.  Plus, they ALL have discount links on their blogs for the classes! Isn’t that the best news ever? Are you ready to meet them?

Monday – Sewing Lingerie in Edmonton, Alberta with Michelle Schuh

First on our tour is a stop at Little Heart Threads ( Michelle Schuh combines a love of sewing and a career as a pediatric cardiac nurse in Edmonton. She blogs about sewing as a way to journal her love of garment sewing and pattern testing. Like many of us, Michelle started sewing many years ago, but life got in the way. Funny about that, Michelle! She’s back into sewing now (thank goodness!) and loves making knit tops for herself and her baby girl. Recently, she completed the trifecta of sewing room power tools – she bought a cover stitch machine to really finish off those edges. She’s got our Blog tour plane ready!

michelle schuh and plane

Michelle looks back on her earlier projects and is amazed at how far she’s come and how much she’s learned in the last few years. She also never has enough time – it’s no wonder. When she is not working, sewing or blogging, she and her husband do a lot of fun things together, such as running, biking and camping. She and her DH even have scuba diving certifications!

Michelle loves the idea of sewing lingerie because of the new skills she hopes to learn. You should scoot on over there Monday September 12 to read her Canada Cups Cross Your Heart Tour post. She is reviewing Alison Smith’s class on Sewing Lingerie: Essential Techniques at Little Heart Threads ( on Monday September 12th.

Michelle’s Review: Little heart Threads (

Monday – Sewing Lingerie in Saint-Sophie, Quebec with Valerie Dufort

It’s a quick flick of the ol’ magic wand and we are in the small Quebec town of Sainte-Sophie. Valerie Dufort describes her quiet town as being between a tree and more trees, but it is wonderfully quiet. The downside – there are no sewing supplies in her town…bummer! Thank goodness for online shopping! Valerie blogs at Élégantine

Valerie Dufort Canada Cup tourlow

When Valerie first started to sew, she read that sewing through tissue paper would help stabilise some tricky fabrics. However, in French they use “papier mouchoir’’ (which is the literal translation of tissue paper) to say a tissue. So she pulled out a box of Kleenex and sewed thin and see-through jersey with that underneath. Not just one seam! The WHOLE garment! Can you imagine the mess in the machine and the seams? It took her hours to clean the mess up. That’s when she learned that tissue paper is “papier de soie’’. Ahah! Now, English is not just Valerie’s second language, it is her sewing language! As she explains, “French online learning resources are very limited. I don’t want to have limits when learning!”

Monday is the day to hop on over to Valerie’s blog at where she has teamed with Michelle to review Alison Smith’s class Sewing Lingerie: Essential Techniques. Why did Valerie choose to review this particular class? She loves lingerie and shame on her, she doesn’t have any! So she thought this would give her the incentive she needed! She’s right – now is the time!

Click on the links below to whisk yourself over to their blogs Monday September 12!

Michelle’s blog: Little Heart Threads (
Valerie’s blog post: Élégantine  (

Tuesday – Sewing Bras: Construction & Fit in Abbotsford, BC with Lisa Thibault

On Tuesday, September 13, we are once again travelling from the Left Cup to the Right Cup in our Canada Cups Cross Your Heart Relay with a stop in Abbotsford, BC where Lisa Thibault of Glitter in my coffee ( calls home. She used to live in France, but that’s another story!

Lisa's sewing room

Lisa, who is also a District Commissioner for Guiding has what she describes as a creative grain-free life. She sews a lot of things for her daughter and blogs about the patterns, and the projects. When she is not sewing, she is crafting with paper and vinyl or making soaps and other scented things. Her daughter, Mini Me,  apparently dictates when and how much she can sew, as this is one busy and active family! When Lisa got her first serger she was constantly getting the seams folded under the wrong way and cutting into parts of the fabric that shouldn’t be cut.  She made a dress for her daughter that she intended as a natural waist: it ended up as an empire waist because she had cut off so much of the bodice with her mad serger skills. (I think we can relate!)

You can catch Lisa’s blog on Monday September 12: Glitter in my coffee (

Tuesday – Sewing Bras: Construction & Fit in London, ON with Shelaine Howard Heskin

Our next trip will happen quick as a flash. Thank goodness there are no waiting lines in our travels this week! We are going to visit Shelaine Heskin of Shelaine’s Designs ( in southwestern Ontario, just outside London. We might also find Shelaine in her other home near Manitoulin Island. This is where she enjoys boating, and also bear hunting. (This could bring new meaning to a bare skin bra!)

Shelaine Haskins

Shelaine started sewing quilt blocks in 4-H.  Her mother always sewed so she was always playing with fabric scraps and making doll clothes (I remember sewing for my Barbie, too). Now she sews to relieve stress and to help her think outside of the box!

The Crafty Class that she is reviewing is Sewing Bras Construction and Fit.  She chose this class because she has always wanted to sew bras and thought this would be a perfect beginner class (it is, Shelaine, it is!) You can join Shelaine and Lisa on their blogs on Tuesday September 13.

Lisa’s blog: Glitter in my coffee (
Shelaine’s blog: Shelaines Designs (

 Wednesday – Sewing Bras: Foam, Lace & Beyond  in Sangudo AB with Michelle Noble

Another western blogger on our Canada Cups Cross Your Heart Relay (also named Michelle) is Michelle Noble. She’s been blogging at Michelle’s Creations ( for 4 years now but she really has no idea why she started! She cloned a bra and some reason she can’t quite remember, thought ‘this would make a great blog post’. So the fun began.

Michelle Noble 5

Michelle tries to post weekly – both  the triumphs, and the failures. Oddly, her most popular blog posts are her flops. Michelle says “I seem to get the most traffic when I fall on my face!” Early last year she made a goal to make one thing each week. At the end of the year she had surpassed that goal. What a great feeling!

Doing something creative is Michelle’s sanity. Her whole family is happy when Michelle is happy! She keeps her sewing as a priority, so there is always something to do. But when she is not sewing, she is looking into the family tree. (I think mine is a nut-tree…) Genealogy is a fun hobby for her, as well as jewellery making, knitting and crochet. If she is not busy enough, she’s also part of a dinner group where they get together once a month and do a dinner together. Sometimes they even get dressed up in costume!

Michelle and Rachelle (that sort of rhymes!) are reviewing Sewing Bras: Foam, Lace & Beyond on Wednesday September 14.

Michelle’s Review is at Michelle’s Creations (

Wednesday – Sewing Bras: Foam, Lace & Beyond in Brampton, ON with Rachelle Baker Bigham

Our second day eastern blogger is Venice from That’s Sew Venice at Venice is the online persona of Rachelle Baker Bigham, who went to Venice years ago and fell in love. It’s become her nickname that totally stuck. Rachelle has lived in Alaska, Oregon, Florida but since 2004 calls Brampton, Ontario home.

Venice's sewing room

Rachelle blogs about sewing  to visually share what she makes, and to post tips and tutorials.  She actually started her new blog to share the pattern for her small ‘Sydney Wallet”.  And then…she just kept on posting. (We are glad she did!) Even though she is new to blogging, she makes time for that, plus sewing, cooking, reading, and gardening.

Rachelle and Michelle have teamed to review Sewing Bras: Foam, Lace & Beyond on Wednesday September 14. You can click the links below to go directly there.

Michelle’s blog: Michelle’s Creations (
Rachelle’s Review is at That’s Sew Venice (

Thursday – Sewing Corsets: Essential Techniques in Calgary AB with Karin Triel

Can you believe we are into our fourth day of the Canada Cups Cross Your Heart Relay? Today we arrive at the vintage studio of Karin Triel of Mrs. Weaver’s Finest Unmentionables ( in Calgary, Alberta. She is also the creator of Braphoria, a brand new bra sewing tutorial site! Karin was born in Holland, but has lived in Holland, UK, Australia with stints in Norway and the Middle East. (How cool is  cuddling with a koala?)

Karin Triel

Karin has been sewing since she was 7 when she made a pin cushion filled with kapok and a Siamese cat appliqued to the top. (aaaw!) She hasn’t stopped learning, either. Even though she is a professional bra-maker, she is making a wool coat from a 1952 vintage vogue pattern. That has her feeling very much the beginner right now! But she is most proud of her Japanese Crane corset. The pattern matching was really tough, but the result is wonderful. She’s had emails from some renowned corsetieres congratulating her on it. It’s wonderful when a job goes well, but as Karin says, “when professionals you admire, admire your work, well, that’s really rather fabulous”.

Bra-making tutorials at and corsetry is now her full-time job, but she still has to remind herself to take pictures for the blog while she is sewing. When she is not Mrs. Weaver, she enjoys cooking (well, mostly eating, eh?), traveling, reading and watching the Great British Sewing Bee. (my favourite TV show, too, Karin!) 

Karin has teamed with Marsha in the east to review Sewing Corsets – Essential Techniques by Alison Smith on Thursday September 15. read all about it on Karin’s blog:

Karin’s blog: Mrs. Weaver’s Finest Unmentionables (

Thursday – Sewing Corsets: Essential Techniques in Montreal QC with Marsha Lawrence

Hop back on our flying rotary cutter mat and travel with just one click to Montreal, Quebec. We’re visiting Marsha Lawrence of Seam of My Pants ( This tropical butterfly wouldn’t be caught dead in the wilderness, unless of course it is to teach dancing (to wolves, maybe?) We’ll forgive her for that – she has kitties in her sewing room, so she can’t be that fierce!

Marsha's Cats

Marsha lives in the Frenglish/Franglais capital of the world, where she says she is the only one who isn’t bilingual.  When I asked her about the first thing she made, Marsha says the first thing she ever made was a mess on the floor! Marsha claims to have the speed of snail towing a tortoise.

And, with her wit and humour, I am happy that she loves to blog, even if it is in a “weird sort of love/hate dysfunctional fatal attraction kinda way.” (her words) When Marsha isn’t sewing, she is out weeding, planting, pruning, watering… one of these days the neighbours are gonna catch on and throw her out of their backyard!

Marsha is reviewing Sewing Corsets: Essential Techniques by Alison Smith. She chose this class because (between us, my Fairy Bra Children), she says she was actually too intimidated to try making her own bra.  Ladies, we have to convince her to do this. When you hop over to her blog, why not comment on how easy making your own bra really is?

You can catch her review and Karin’s on Thursday September 15

Karin’s blog: Mrs. Weaver’s Finest Unmentionables (
Marsha’s blog: Flying by the Seam of My Pants (

 Friday – Sewing Bras: Designer techniques in Edmonton AB with Jessica DeWitt

On Friday, September 16,  in our Canada Cups Cross Your Heart Relay, you are going to travel back to the west to meet Jessica DeWitt of Gracious Threads ( who lives near Edmonton AB. She loves living on the prairies, but since she grew up near Vancouver, she really misses the ocean. Jessica first began sewing as a very small child, making make ‘cat toys’ by pulling a needle in and out through a scrap of fabric until it was all bunched up, then pull it by a long string to tease the cat!

Jess considers herself an advanced intermediate 🙂 so she is pretty comfortable tackling everything from quilting to swimsuits. Now she wants to learn more tailoring techniques and make herself a structured jacket. She is understandably proud of a 1920’s style hat with amazing structure she made for her daughter, which was almost entirely sewn by hand. She created the whole outfit for a “Bonnie and Clyde” themed photo shoot. (that girl looks dangerous!)

jess dewitt and bonnie_parker_5

Jessica is reviewing ‘Designer Techniques’ class and that post is Friday September 16. It is good to note that she chose that class because she has expensive taste in bras. She wants to replicate her favourite Prima Donna bra, without the $150 price tag. (We’ll be wanting to see that one!)

You can read Jessica’s Review at Gracious Threads (

Friday – Sewing Bras: Designer Techniques in Waterloo, ON with Rachel Felix

We are really zip-lining across Canada this week, aren’t we? Wheeee….now let’s peek into the sewing life of Rachel Felix of Waterloo Ontario. She blogs at The Wild Stitch ( Rachel lives in Waterloo while she is going to university, and commutes to Meaford for a summer internship. Meaford is a beautiful town, you’ve GOT to check it out if you haven’t already.

Rachel and cat

Rachel first started sewing 6 years ago at age 15. (don’t you love it when the younger ones are sewing?) After pyjama pants, her first real project was a romper made in red polka-dotted quilting cotton (oh dear). It was a fun project, but didn’t fit well at all. Little did she know at the time she needed to do a Full Bust Adjustment!

None of Rachel’s real life friends sew, so she needed an online community of friends to bounce sewing ideas off of. It’s so much more fun sewing with friends than alone! She says it’s a lot easier for her to sew than for most people because she’s only 21, but really it just comes down to her making it a priority. If she has a spare hour, she’ll try to get started on a project.

You can visit both blogs on Friday September 16 to review the Craftsy class Sewing Bras: Designer Techniques

Jessica’s Review is at Gracious Threads (
Rachel’s Review is at The Wild Stitch (

Saturday – Sewing Panties: Construction & Fit in Calgary, AB with Michelle Noble

So here we are on the last day of the Canada Cups Cross Your Heart Relay. Our two bloggers are once again on opposite sides of the chest (oops…country) We are going back to see Michelle Noble in Calgary. We just can’t get enough of her! I hope we didn’t drop in unexpectedly! (ummm…oops!)

Michelle Noble 2

Oh well, I think she has been busy blogging! You can follow her review of Sewing Panties: Essential Techniques at Michelle’s Creations ( on Saturday September 17.

Michelle’s review is at Michelle’s Creations (

 Saturday – Sewing Panties: Construction & Fit in Montreal with Deb Zaleski

 Last is definitely not least, as we wrap up the Canada Cups Cross Your Heart Tour with our final flight of fancy to Montreal. By now you should know the city hotspots quite well! Deb Zaleski of Sprouting Jube Jube ( lives on the South Shore of Montreal. Her introduction to sewing was at a very early age. She may have been the only toddler happy to go fabric shopping with her aunt! (oooh, it looks like she is still shopping!)

Deb's fabric stash

With that kind of early start, it is no wonder she started hand sewing by the age of 5, and she made clothes for her dolls. Her aunt would have her place the pattern pieces on the grain line and pin and cut everything out herself then help with what she needed to do in sewing up the tiny Barbie clothes.

Deb is reviewing the panty class because she  needed new undies. She is still wearing her maternity underwear! Well, Deb, I think we can help you out with this! That panty class has full instructions on how to draft your own panties from body measurements!

Together, Deb and Michelle are reviewing Sewing Panties: Construction & Fit on Saturday September 17

Michelle’s Review is at Michelle’s Creations (
Deb’s Review can be found at Sprouting Jube Jube (

The Canada Cups Cross Your Heart Tour is off to a great Start!

That’s it! I hope you are all pumped up for your wonderful week on the Canada Cups Cross Your Heart Relay. And I certainly hope you do tour with these amazing Canadian women. Learn what they have to share about the classes, the projects and much, much more! Have a great trip…or as they say in the east…Bon Voyage!

Finally, as your Fairy Bra Mother, I have three wishes I will grant for you.

  1. I grant enough time this week to read the blog posts
  2. No one will interrupt your time!
  3. You will have the very best travel companions on the planet

Along the way, there “may” be prizes to win, so stay with us to our final destination on this exciting daily series of posts! And please, do comment about this blog tour. You know I love to read what you have to say!

Hugs to you all,

Your Fairy Bra Mother, Beverly

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  1. Amanda Elias
    Amanda Elias says:

    I love your blog. I am from Oakville and my parents live in Burlington! Marsha and I would love to meet you on one our trips home to visit our parents! Or maybe Marsha and I can find a convincing reason for you to come to Montreal 😉

  2. Sofía
    Sofía says:

    I enjoyed the giveaway so much! I’ve discover lots of blogers, and I’ve learned more about the ones I already knew! Oh, and for my birthday, I’d love to attend to one of your in-person classes, Beverly! It’s a shame that Canada is so far away from Barcelona… 😉

  3. Anemone
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    I’m enjoying this tour a lot! For my birthday I would wish for an in person class with the Fairy Bra Mother or some lovelies from Bramakers Supply.

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    My birthday is in a month and my drean is an in-person fitting/drafting, but I’d settle for a bunch of bra findings and fabrics.

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    For my birthday!! Class with beverly!! And a lot of fabric and accessories for my bra!!

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    Hi Beverly! Fun tour! I want a new sewing machine for my birthday. Let my husband know, ok? Terri

  7. samantha
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    I just found out about this and I am SEW (hehe) excited! I just got into bra making and it’s my new favorite hobby

  8. Kristi Ryder
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    For my birthday I wish to learn to make perfectly fitting bras I love! Thank you for hosting this!

  9. roberta
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    What a fun week – my birthday wishlist is now a mile long of lovely laces and things – better start with some Craftsy classes first!

  10. Learningwithdonna
    Learningwithdonna says:

    For my birthday, I’d love to take the week long course to improve fitting and sewing techniques. I enjoyed this tour, especially because it introduced me to new Canadian bloggers.

  11. Dee
    Dee says:

    Loving the virtual tour of Canada!
    Birthday wish?? An in person class but since I’m Australia I’ll settle for a Craftsy classes! 😉

  12. Miss Maddy
    Miss Maddy says:

    I’ve already had my birthday this year, and was lucky enough to get all kinds of sewing goodies – I’d love some lace or bra supplies for my next one though! 😀

  13. Anne Johnson
    Anne Johnson says:

    I have really enjoyed the tour. I had to find work-around a for some broken links, but the fact that I did speaks well of the tour.

    For my birthday, I would love an in-person class with Beverley. I want to draft bras with vertical and horizontal seam lines, and learn how different fabrics affect fit. A selection of bra, swimsuit and panty fabrics would be fantastic.

  14. Joanne
    Joanne says:

    What would I like for my birthday? Hmmm? Too many choices to pick just one, so whatever someone wants to give me e.g. a kit, a custom drafted pattern, in person fitting, etc., etc.!

  15. RainDayPerson
    RainDayPerson says:

    Honestly? I would REALLY like to figure out my wire size. I had a double mastectomy and I have skipped wires so far (and my replacement boobs, haven’t needed support so far, but I would love to play with some other designs….

  16. Deby Coles
    Deby Coles says:

    For the giveaway – for my birthday, if I could pick anything sewing related, I’d pick a custom fitted bra pattern. I’m still struggling to get the perfect fit despite a lot of tries now. I’d dearly love someone in person to help me fix it! Ah, in my sewing dreams….

  17. JStar
    JStar says:

    I’m not usually one for throwing wishes around 😉 But if I were..I’d wish for the skills to actually start making my own bras. *wiggles fingers*
    Soon, I hope! 🙂

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    This has been fabulous. I’ve enjoyed reading all of the posts. For my birthday, I would love a kit in black cherry.

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    This blog tour has been so much fun! Thanks for putting it together. 🙂 My birthday is actually tomorrow so I’m hoping I win some goodies!

  20. Theresa
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    If I’m asking the Fairy Bra Mother for a wish, I’m gonna go big- I’d like a year’s paid sabbatical from work and a generous patron to pay for all the fabric, lace and supplies so I can sew to my heart’s content. I would be the happiest girl on the planet!!

    Seriously, I really loved the week – found lots of new blogs to follow and bought the pantie class so now I may never buy unmentionables again! Thanks for everything you do. I just figured out that Hamilton is really not that far away from Rochester, NY, so I may be in to visit soon.

  21. Di Temperton
    Di Temperton says:

    I’ve really enjoyed this weeks tour it’s been fabulous and informative. Now for my birthday let me think, I would love to have a surprise parcel of fabric

  22. Rochelle
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    Dear Fairy Bra Mother,
    For my birthday (or sooner! Who can wait until December? ) I would like the materials and instructions making foam cup bras that fit!
    Thank you!

  23. Debbra Owen
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    Hmm! I enjoyed the Canada Cups. Logging in daily for the latest updates was a treat. For my birthday I would love to get some wickable fabric to make a couple of sports bras.

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    This blog tour was a great birthday treat (as my birthday was on the 12th). Now I just need some classes and new materials for a present. 🙂

  25. ginpins
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    I’ve loved reading the Canada Cups tour! I’ve discovered bloggers who are new to me to follow, and that’s always fun and inspiring. I hope you do it again in the future.

    Hmmmm… birthday was only a month ago, but if I could have anything it would be to join Mrs. Weaver’s European tour, or alternatively attend your professional bra makers course! As long as I’m fantasizing, I may as well wish big :D!

  26. Anne
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    It’s a great idea. And for my birthday, I would like… lots of Duoplex ! Too bad it was a month ago…

  27. Deanne Fox
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    Love the idea of traveling all over Canada, shame it’s not in person.
    I pretty much have collect all these craftsy classes. It’s great to get other peoples opinion on them.
    Cheers from Australia!

  28. Theresa
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    I am looking forward to this week very much! I can’t wait to find some new blogs to follow. Thanks!

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    This is a brilliant idea; I can’t wait to meet some new to me bloggers, and for new inspiration!!!

  30. Lynn Green
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    Wonderful creative idea to bring people together across this vast country of ours 🇨🇦. Can’t wait to get started!

  31. Donna
    Donna says:

    Great to meet new bloggers and visit our country from coast to coast–much better than driving across the country, Beverly. Although, I would have had a few snacks for you as you bombed along Lincoln road on your way to the Trans Canada! Looking forward to reading these talented ladies!


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