Exciting news! My Craftsy bra class launched today! It is aptly called Sewing Bras – Construction & Fit. Some of you may recall a couple of months ago I went to Denver. What an exciting time I had for the filming. Craftsy set me up with the best crew ever – they are so professional! They made me look good (even though I have a face for radio, as I was once told!)

In the Craftsy class, I will teach you how to measure yourself for a bra using my high bust/full bust system. I’ll tell you why measuring the rib cage is not recommended!

I’ll show and explain all the different materials we use in bra-making

 How to sew it up, step-by-step with all the tips and tricks to make your bra  look professional quality

And, of course, I’ll share the fitting tips and how to alter the pattern. I show my easy-to-understand pattern alterations. And as a bonus, there’s a lesson on using and applying lace!

If you would like to enrol in my Craftsy class: Sewing Bras – Construction & Fit, here’s a link to a 25% saving. Remember, at Craftsy, the classes never expire, so you can buy them on sale and watch them anytime! Click here for the lowest price on the Craftsy class

Not sure what to buy to get started in the Craftsy bra class? Bra-makers Supply is offering a Craftsy kit consisting of the Classic bra pattern (choose among 4 size ranges) and a bra kit with a choice of many colours, all with elastics to match. If your order the Craftsy kit from our website at www.bramakers.com and comment  with your size of wires, that pair is included FREE. Just comment with your size when you order a Craftsy kit. 
I am proud to say…
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  1. Beverly Johnson
    Beverly Johnson says:

    I hate to disappoint you, but you may not find any of the supplies in NYC. I was down there a few years ago, and I couldn't find anything at all, especially things for bra-making that co-ordinated well. Honestly, you would be better off buying the kit for the first bra so you know exactly what to look for when you go shopping afterward.

  2. Roni
    Roni says:

    I am really excited to sign up for the bra making Craftsy class! I'm a beginner and have been sewing for a little over a year. I hope I can do it! I'm going to NYC in a few days and would love to pick up supplies even though I haven't taken the class yet. I saw the materials list but am still not sure exactly how to pick stuff at the store. I dont know how to judge quality or what will work well. Am I best off waiting till I take the class and giving up the opportunity to shop for supplies in person? Any suggestions? I am so excited I might actually have a bra that fits! I'd also love a class on sewing panties and lingerie (something pretty with underwire to wear to bed). I have so much trouble getting a good fit with lingerie. Thank you so much!!!

  3. Beverly Johnson
    Beverly Johnson says:

    Thanks – the people at Craftsy have been wonderful to work with. Now – we just need to convince them to have me teach more bra classes and swimwear and panties and corsetry! lol

  4. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I am so pleased that Craftsy has your class. I had e-mailed the request for a bra class some time ago. It is go good to know that they pursue what people want. I have signed up, watched your class all the way through. Now I must wait to receive my supplies.

    It is also wonderful so see some Canadian instructors and suppliers.

  5. Beverly Johnson
    Beverly Johnson says:

    We decided that we would always offer the 25% discount if people want to sign up from our website. I think it is great that Craftsy encourages us to have the links on our site and on our blogs!

  6. Beverly Johnson
    Beverly Johnson says:

    Well, isn't that something? My sister and my mother live in Oromocto! I don't go there to teach, but that's because there isn't any good stores that would sponsor a bra-making class. I did teach once when the Husqvarna dealer was around, but she is gone now…

  7. Ann's Fashion Studio
    Ann's Fashion Studio says:

    Bought the class and look forward to watching it. Also bought my supplies from you a month or so ago ��
    I am prepared! Next is a trip to Ontario. Or do you ever plan on coming to New Brunswick (Fredericton) to teach classes?

  8. Jen
    Jen says:

    How exciting! I've been wanting to try my hand at bra-making, as my size is difficult to find anywhere but online. Now I have the perfect resource for learning to make my own and a class discount to boot!

  9. Kate
    Kate says:

    I've taken your class in person, and I am so happy to have a video course on hand as a refresher! I am going to sew new bras this month. I've got tons of supplies on hand from my trips to your store. Thanks for the class discount!

  10. gMarie
    gMarie says:

    So, so excited about this. I just bought the course. Next up – order a kit and get free wires! Can't wait to watch this course. Thank you – thank you – thank you! g


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