Pink and Black Lace Foam Cup Bra

Whew! What a lengthy title for this lovely bra – the Pink and Black lace Foam Cup Bra! What’s prettier than pink? Only pink teamed with a multi-colour pink and black lace!

Featured on my third Craftsy bra-making class, this Pink and Black Lace Foam Cup Bra showcases

  • pre-formed foam cups with a seamless cup cover
  • butterfly lace technique
  • lace edging used behind the fold-over binding
  • lace edging used under the fold-over binding
  • tube straps with lace insert
  • lace trim on the back band

The bra uses pre-formed foam bra cups, more specifically a style we call MH. The MH style has strap tabs and fairly full coverage…not too plungy (is that a word?). In the Craftsy class, I show how to take your existing bra frame and convert it for use with pre-formed cups.

We covered the cups seamlessly by pulling stretchy fabric over the cup

Butterfly lace trim was applied over the front curve of the foam cup. So easy to do and what a great visual impact. I love, love, love multi-colour laces! Just so you know, we hand tacked the lace scallops here and there along the edge.

Since we use the fancy scalloped edge of the lace for the butterfly, we ended up with a raw lace edge along the neckline edge. No problem! Cover that edge with fold-over binding. For an extra bit of lace, we cut a narrow strip of the fancy edging from the lace and stitched it behind the fold-over binding.

I love how the black fold-over binding frames the neckline edge!

On the top edge of the band (what you might call the underarm edge) we used the narrow lace edging a little differently, sewing it to the raw edge, and then sewing fold-over binding on top of all the layers. That’s a little different than the neckline edge (did you notice the difference?) but very effective.

it is not at all uncommon in ready-to-wear to treat the underarm and the neckline edges differently. So don’t stress about having everything matchy-matchy!

More lace trim on the side of the frame of the Pink and Black Lace Foam Cup Bra! This trim is tucked into the side seam, and the fancy edge “just barely” covers the channel seam. The edge was pulled aside to sew the channel topstitching and then hand tacked in a few spots to secure it.

The strap scoop lace is a great way to use up left-over bits of lace that may not be large enough to use anywhere else. This lace on the strap scoop has become Denise’s signature. Denise is our amazing teacher – if you have taken a beginner bra class or a Boob Camp here at Bra-makers Supply, you know who she is (and hopefully who I am too!)

Finally, let’s have a look at that strap detail of the Pink and Black Lace Foam Cup Bra. This is a fabric tube strap with a narrow lace trim inserted in the seam while sewing. When the tube is turned to the right side, the seam will be highlighted on the front of the strap rather than the back where we normally hide it.

Making fabric strap tubes are a great idea, especially if you don’t have strap elastic to match your bra fabric. (At Bra-makers Supply though, we have 14 gorgeous colours of matching bra supplies…ha ha…couldn’t resist that bit of an infomercial!)

So that concludes the features of our Pink and Black lace Foam Cup Bra! If you are enjoying this new series of Behind the Seams, please let me know in the comments. I’d love to know if this is something you are both learning from and enjoying!


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  1. Lydia
    Lydia says:

    Just purchased an Ahh Bra — find it so comfortable. How can I pretty it up with lace. I have all your Craftsy classes on bras. Done with wires — those torture gadgets.

  2. sandrajager
    sandrajager says:

    I'm loving these posts too! In the classes, sometimes you just get a glimpse and would like to stop the action to have a look. Thank you for taking the time time to show us. Please continue!

  3. Amber Bishop-Kainu
    Amber Bishop-Kainu says:

    Ahh, Beverly, that bra makes me swoon! It is lovely! I was just telling a friend, that when we make our bras – we can make them as special as we want!

  4. Dianna Pacheco
    Dianna Pacheco says:

    Hi. I cannot locate your email After reading through your blog, I wanted to purchase another of your craftsy classes. I noticed one ad for craftsy says 50% off, but when I follow the link it is full price. Can you help me please? Thanks so much.

    (It won't let me post a screen shot of the ad here, but you can email me at theluvlypacheco at gmail dot com Thanks so much!)

  5. Beverly Johnson
    Beverly Johnson says:

    I got the idea when someone wrote about one bra and said they only caught a glimpse of it in the class. I thought…yes, that's likely true for all the bras – we never really show the inside and out! So, this series was born!

  6. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Love this new series! The 3 bra classes were fabulous but the third provided less hand-holding and left me with questions. The new series is very helpful. I hope you'll do more with straps, as I'm unsure when I can use the straps from classes 1 & 2 on foam and lace. I do like the wider straps.

  7. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I love your Craftsy classes. Your construction class helped me finally make an underwire bra that I can wear all day and never even know it's there. This is a great series! I love all your details. They are making my bras so much prettier! Thank you!

  8. Joanna
    Joanna says:

    I'm definitely enjoying these posts and learning loads. Some of the lace edge techniques from this one I'm going to try on some camisoles and nightgowns too.

  9. twotoast
    twotoast says:

    Stunning! Love Denise's signature – I've got lots of those odds and ends of lace, what a great way to use them up. Another stunning bra with plenty of advice and ideas to get the creative juices flowing! Thank-you!


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