Entry Level Marlies

Recently I wrote a post showing a selection of Marlies Dekker bras from ready-to-wear. They were all beautiful bras that a student brought in. I showed that all three styles of the "Marlies" bras could, in fact, be made using our MA style foam…

Double Lace over Foam

Double Lace over Foam I have a surprise for you today - not one bra but two bras in different colour ways - double lace over foam! They look completely different from each other but the techniques used to create them are essentially the same Here…

Pink and Black Lace Foam Cup Bra

Pink and Black Lace Foam Cup Bra Whew! What a lengthy title for this lovely bra - the Pink and Black lace Foam Cup Bra! What's prettier than pink? Only pink teamed with a multi-colour pink and black lace! Featured on my third Craftsy bra-making…

Portfolio Items

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