We love Scuba for bra-making! Not only is it always beautifully coloured and printed, but it is also co-operative at the sewing machine. Who could ask for a better fabric? If you don’t know Scuba, you might consider working with some in the New Year. We used this one fabric to share with you the Art of Fussy Cutting. This one Scuba print made FOUR completely different looking bras!

If you don’t know how to fussy cut, here’s an easy tutorial. Cut out the shape of the pattern piece on stiff cardstock or bristol board. Then position the shape on the fabric. The cut out will reveal the part of the fabric that will be featured. Trace around the shape with chalk or a wash-out marker and cut it out.

You will almost certainly ignore the Direction of the stretch of the fabric when you are fussy cutting. In this case, be sure to line the cups with duoplex, or sheer cup lining or other stable fabric that will do the job of supporting the breasts. Think of the fussy cut fabric as decoration only. You can see here that the pieces are kind of cut willy-nilly to take advantage of the print.

Here are the four bralettes we were able to cut from one .8 metre fabric piece. First a watercolour section of the fabric, which just happened to have a piece that was almost a mirror image. That was a magical find! We decided to accent these cups with teal duopex and navy findings.

Next, we used the stripey section of the fabric with turquoise duopex and turquoise findings.

Thirdly, we used the strong colours of part of the print with lilac findings and black fabric.

Lastly, we paired the orange flowers in the print, which we don’t see in any other bra here, with orange duoplex. We don’t have orange elastics so we used navy findings.

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