Recently I was asked to do a book collaboration with Nancy’s Notions. I was thrilled beyond belief as I’d been a fan of hers for over 35 years!. The book would have 32 pages of how to instructions and photos for 6 projects plus a pattern. Sounds easy doesn’t it?…that is, until I asked what the book should be about. They said “Bras and panties”. I almost keeled over! There is NO WAY I could cover the essentials of either bras or panty making (let alone both!) in such a limited space. Seriously, give me 100 or 200 pages to fill! They wanted 32 pages.  So I suggested a less complicated topic to write about. That’s how Sew Simple Bralettes was born.

My first task was to write an outline of what I wanted to say, then design 6 projects that would illustrate what I was writing about. I decided to keep the bralette sizing to those that would fit on the book’s printed page. That would mean the pattern wouldn’t have to be printed on a separate piece of paper (and potentially getting lost in someone’s sewing room!) I included measuring tips as well as fabric choices, and how to layout and mirror lace. Then Denise and I had lots of fun designing and making bralettes!

Sew Simple Bralettes Projects

The first project is an all lace version. I chose this to guide you through making a bralette step by step. Did I mention there are colour photographs of every step along the way?

Then learn to put a foam lining in a lace bralette

Next I show how to make an all- fabric bralette with fold-over binding along the edges. This one used our Maxine fabric. The kit to make this one in two colourways is for sale at Nancy’s Notions!

And of course, fabric over foam lining (perfect for using bamboo!)

I love working with bamboo and so I featured this fabric twice. Here’s the bralette we did with narrow lace edging to make some designer straps. Yes, they’re in the Sew Simple Bralettes book too!

I also show how to make the angel wing back as well as a couple of other variations.

I just had to make a bralette from sheer cup lining, but one that wasn’t too revealing! This one made it to the cover of the book! It is also available in a kit exclusive to Nancy’s Notions!

After the book was finished, I wondered how many ways you could actually wear a bralette. We thought of  8 ways to wear a Bralette right off the bat, so I wrote a post about it. That got us here at Bra-makers all inspired about making bralettes and we thought of eight more ways! But that is a topic for another post.

Happy sewing!

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  1. Kellie Stanley
    Kellie Stanley says:

    Hi Beverly. Just wanted you to know that the link is broken for the fit and construction videos for the bralettes. Great post. I’d never considered bralettes, but these are so dreamy I’m going to definitely try these next!

    • Beverly Johnson
      Beverly Johnson says:

      That’s because NN decided, sadly, to discontinue the bralette book. Don’t worry though…I wrote my own book. Make & Fit Bralettes has been very popular and is on our shelves for many, many years to come!


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