One of my fondest memories was of my mom and I stopping for our lunch at work, then taking some time afterward to watch Sewing with Nancy on public television. That was one of  few sewing shows available to us on the east coast of Canada and we loved it. Imagine my surprise when 30 years later, I got a call from Nancy’s Notions. They were interested in having me collaborate on a book with them! Even though Nancy had passed away, she had left her company in capable hands. Once the book was finished, I flew to Beaver Dam, Wisconsin last week to do some video taping , so here is some insight from behind the scenes at Nancy’s Notions.

The thing that blew me away was how BIG it is! Imagine the biggest Costco or Home Depot – well, it’s bigger than that! And there is a full size retail store at one end, a warehouse at the other and lots of office and workrooms in the middle. One of the hall walls has the story of Nancy’s Notions and how it started out in her parent’s basement. In 1982, she started the Sewing with Nancy tv show.

Other halls are lined with quilts. I will admit, I got lost! I thought I should perhaps leave a trail of buttons so I could find my way back!

Here is “part” of the warehouse. My whole stockroom would fit in one wee corner of this space!

Here is the gal I worked with throughout the book process. This is Toni and she’s the product design manager.

The production room is where they make all the samples for the show and for the catalogue.

Here’s the retail store. Huge!

The first of May weekend they have a sewing weekend. They had 53,000 people (women mostly) come to the show (held in part of their warehouse), the classes and the warehouse sale.

The photography room (with a comfy chair to curl up in)

The video room. They do not shoot the Sewing with Nancy show here, but only internal videos for marketing.

I hope you have enjoyed Behind the Scenes at Nancy’s Notions and remember to check out Sew Simple Bralettes!

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  1. Brooke Church
    Brooke Church says:

    I really need to go there sometime! I am in Wisconsin, so it isn’t too far away! Bought the Bralette book last night and I am waiting impatiently for it to arrive.

  2. Pat Rogers
    Pat Rogers says:

    How amazing for you. I have always wanted to go to her sewing show but haven’t made it yet. Looking forward to your book and video.

  3. Cindy Dickerson
    Cindy Dickerson says:

    This is fabulous news, Beverly!! Congratulations!! I also loved Nancy. I made a snowman coat full of snowmen designs. I sent her a picture of it with the many steps it took to make it. One day I opened my mailbox and I had a wonderful surprise package from Nancy. She put my pictures into one of her shows. That sure made my day! Can’t wait for the book to come out.

  4. Linda Sepeda
    Linda Sepeda says:

    Thank you, Beverly! Two more things to look forward to, and add to my list. First, the book. Second a trip to Beaver Dam, WI. I will take buttons along to avoid getting lost.


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