For the Ultimate Bra-makers Challenge 2018, we asked you to make intimate apparel from RED stretch satin. You did not disappoint us! Here is our February Challenge Fashion Show! I’ve tried to keep the entries in first-name alphabetical order.

First up is Agnes H, from Hungary. She emails “ I have been sewing for 30 years for myself and my family, occasionally for friends, once I sewed a wedding dress too. I attended a course where we learned drafting garments for women (no lingerie). I learned to draft children’s garments from books by myself.  I started a sewing and creative blog 5 years  ago, at where you can see the things I made. I started to collect patterns and fabrics last year and bought Beverly’s classes on Craftsy. I drafted the first panty in December. I always looked at bras like ‘only straight and zigzag stitches, it cannot be so difficult’, and when I found Beverly’s website, I decided to learn everything available and start a new blog in Hungarian, because most women who sew here don’t sew bras (there are no notions and findings available here, nor really suitable fabrics). There are not many posts on (=full cup) yet, and I won’t go quickly because I always want everything to be perfect. It really slows me down 🙂 BeBelievee, this is my fifth bra, but there will be many more for sure, because it is addictive indeed.  Okay, I sewed baby panties 15 years ago for my daughter, now my model. This is the bra I made.” Only the fifth bra? That’s incredible!

Next is Anne Johnson, who emailed us “I drafted panties using Beverly’s instructions.  These are the first ones I have made with this draft.  The seam lines at the side/front are based on the amount of lace and the width of the red satin I had remaining from the camisole top I drafted.  The little red bows are made from scraps of red satin.  To do this I folded a 3/4” strip of satin in 3 lengthwise inside out, and stitched across the short ends with the seams about 3/4” apart.  I trimmed close to the seams, turned them right side out and cinched the middles with thread.  The red hearts on the camisole are appliques cut from the red satin.  I used the fabric near the selvedge to take advantage of the ridged texture.” Well done, Anne!

We have Anne D who writes “Initially a Classic Bra, modified thanks to Beverly’s Craftsy class to get a partial band one. I redrew the bridge to get a little heart for St Valentin. The fabric is stretch cotton satin, with strips of silk satin inside to improve seam allowances. I still get some little fitting issue to solve. Thanks for the challenge, that drives me out of comfort zone to things!” 

Now we have Cassy Montgomery from Ottawa and says of her entry “It is the classic bra changed to a horizontal line and a partial band. The bridge connector and strap connectors are beautiful crystal connectors and I made 1/4 inch straps. I doubled the fabric with DoGS aligned for the back band and with dogs perpendicular for the frame and cups.  Stretch satin is definitely a challenge and next time I will do a few things differently.”

Here is Christine Stoodley’s entry. While it isn’t red, it IS satin. Christine explains “Here is my Champagne Pink Satin bra.  Done over cut and sew foam (in a 5 piece cup).”

Next up is Desiree Gotzen, from the Netherlands with a lovely bodyshaper with the bra built-in. Desiree was one of the winners of the random draw this month and wins a $50 gift certificate. Perfect for making more bras!

Now here is Diane Harold of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. She says “The pattern used was the Sweet 16 Bralette with cut and sew foam cups. It is a gorgeous fabric and coordinates well with black. Still working on my January challenge 🤣 ” We know how it is, Diane!

The entry from Geniene Catalano has an unusual colour combination. “It’s a red stretch satin panty with a hand-dyed light purple/blue lace trim. I made a lot of beginner mistakes with this version. There were several “oh dang!” construction moments. However, I was determine to work with the stretch satin so I made liberal use of my seam ripper and I think I ended up with a very nice panty.” We think they are lovely!

Here’s the entry from Bra-makers own Jessica Van Wylick. Jessica works here at Bra-makers and has not been making bras for very long. We love the use of this red lace to make a balconette style bra and wide set straps.

The entry from Julianne Burley is a classic combination of red satin and black lace. “Good morning From Australia!  This month I set myself quite a challenge by making my first ever mounded foam cup bra with matching vintage inspired knickers. For the pattern, I used my cloned bra pattern from January for the cradle and band, then inserted my covered cups.  I purchased my red findings and stretch satin from Bramakers Supply and used black lace from my stash. They don’t fit on the mannequin very well so I have had to pin them in at the back for display. I was really happy with how I managed to finish the top edge of the cup with a 1/8 roll over.  Unfortunately, the bows are sitting a little too high on the shoulders as the findings kit doesn’t come with enough strap elastic for the way I like my bras. Anyway, I hope you enjoy my entry and I look forward to seeing all the other entries.” 

Next is Kathleen Soltow who emailed us with the following description “Bill Blass said:  “When in doubt, wear Red!” Thank you, Beverly, for these fun challenges. It is good to have a reason to try something new, to try harder, to push myself.  This month you not only inspired a new bra but maybe even a new me. My red stretch satin and lace bra and panties may be just the thing to slip into for an evening at home in front of the fire with a glass of wine, and the man in my life — my dog, Alfie — whispering sweet nothings in my ear…” Hmmm…maybe Alfie and Pixie should meet!

The entry from Kristina Berger. Krsitina used red stretch satin and a Gothic Arch in combination with a cream coloured lace trim. Nice! Next is Mandy Bengeyfield from the United Kingdom, who writes “Here is my entry for the red satin challenge ❤️ As you can see, it’s my version of the peek-a-boo bra.  The stretch satin was easy to work with but, for me, the challenge was all the hand finishing! The bow is hand-made consisting of the bow, the center ‘knot’ and the two tails.  Then I hand-sewed it to the bra.  The band is lined with power net because the satin on its own was a little too stretchy.  I concealed the bottom band elastic between the two layers (having first sewn it upside down)” 

Here is Michelle Noble of Calgary, one of two entries and winner of our second random draw (paw-picked by our Pixie!). Here’s what Michelle had to say “I made a bra that I cloned, but modified to be lower at the bridge and underarm using information from the manuals, then added the strap extension from Beverly’s blog. I’ve used stretch satin for the all of the cups, and lined it with sheer cup lining. I split the upper cup as well, and the upper upper cup is sheer cup lining finished with fold over elastic. The panties are drafted from Beverly’s materials as well and are stretch satin, cotton Lycra and lace trim. I still have one more pair of panties cut out that I’ll send soon. I’m loving this challenge! Lots of new things for me to learn doing this, and it’s so fun.”

Last, but certainly not least, are two matching entries from Sonia Dubuc of Quebec. Sonia used black lace over the red satin. Sonia writes “First, I did a bralette using the Sweet Sixteen Bralettes pattern with some modifications: I lowered the neckline so it meet with the middle of the front band. I also did a straight back band and some matte glissonette details. I added lace on the cups and the front band. To finish the cups and the band, I used pre-folded matte picot fold-over elastic. I then decided to sew a matching pantie. I don’t have the Pin-up Girls pattern for panties yet so I took the Denise swimsuit pattern and cut it at the waist. Again, I did some matte glissonette and lace details and used pre-folded matte picot fold-over elastic. I also did some gathers on the middle back seam.” 

So that’s our February Challenge Fashion Show. I can’t wait to see what you do for March, which is a swimwear challenge. Remember, if you make two garments, you have double the chances of winning our random draw.

Your Fairy Bra Mother

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  1. Kathleen Soltow
    Kathleen Soltow says:

    Thanks, Beverly, for that inspiring fashion show. Loved them all. Anne D’s heart shaped peep hole how did she do that? And Sonia’s entry, oh-oh-oh! I hope she doesn’t mind if I copy.

    An aside to Pixie: Watch out, honey, ol’ Alfie is quite the Ladies Man. He thinks you two could make beautiful music together, red satin undies or not.

  2. Michelle
    Michelle says:

    Wow! So many gorgeous makes. So much bra-making talent out there. Thanks so much for having this challenge. It’s a great motivator and inspiration.


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