Are you thinking about your next great design for our Ultimate Bra-makers Challenge? We are too! In February, we challenged you to work with red stretch satin – a fabric many of you had never sewn before. Your entries were amazing! This month of March 2018 the theme is Spring Splash. We are challenging you to make swimwear!

Spring Splash can be any colour, as long as it is a swimsuit. But it doesn’t matter if it is a tankini, tank suit, tankini, bikini, mono-kini or uni-kini. You can mix & match the patterns, or you can modify any of them to suit yourself. Make it for you or for someone else. Not convinced you need or want a suit for yourself? You can make swimwear for your child, grandchild or someone other than you!

Sewing a swimsuit is not difficult. I’ve written at least 20 blog posts on swimwear, all of which you can find by clicking here. If you prefer an online class, try the Craftsy Sewing Swimwear class, available here. Prefer a book? I’ve written a book to get you started –  Make & Fit Swimwear.

As motivation for Spring Splash, we are offering all swimwear patterns on sale – 25% off the regular price for the month of March. Plus our chlorine-resistant Eurojersey from Italy is on sale at 25% starting now until the end of March.

Here’s a list of other items that you could consider for making swimwear:

The Challenge guidelines

  • The theme must be obvious in the garment. In this case, the theme is Spring Splash, so it’s got to be swimwear. Any colour, any style.
  • The garment must be based on, or modified from one of the Pin-up Girls patterns. You can use other patterns if you modified it using info from our Swimwear books.
  • The garment must have been completed during 2018.
  • There will be a special prize for everyone who enters the challenge every month!

I do hope you consider entering the challenge. Submit your digital photo entries any time before March 31.  Send us your photos to our email [email protected]. If the suit is complex, submit photos of the more important details.  Entries will be shown on social media (so if you are shy, don’t model it!)  and the winner will be chosen by a random draw after all entries are in. That means everyone who enters will have a chance to win.  (if you enter 3 garments, you have 3 chances to win!) Remember, the garment does not have to be on a model. You can even show off your entries to all your friends and family on Facebook or Instagram. Please include the hashtag #bramakerschallenge2018 so we can see too! All entries will be posted on this blog and in our social media.

Be inspired by Spring Splash and sew swimwear this March!

Your Fairy Bra Mother,

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