We here in the North are knee-deep in our “favourite” winter pastime, which is of course shoveling snow. This winter, Mother nature seems to be particularly vexing, as she is dumping snow every second or third day. Enough, already! Are you ready for a little sunshine through the snow? I know I am!

There have been mixed reports on whether the groundhog saw his shadow on February 2. But I think the answer is clear one month later! Still two more weeks to go!
I have been keeping warm the last few weeks by drawing illustrations and taking photos for the new Swimwear book. Since Erin is away in sunny California for a couple of weeks, I was able to completely finish the book a few days before my self-imposed deadline. Imagine my surprise when I got  a message back – they were closed due to a winter holiday! Imagine that! So I have had to wait another week!

As of today, the third book in the Make & Fit Series is finally back from the printers. Make & Fit Swimwear is on the shelves! Here’s a little sunshine through the snow!

The book was written as a guide to the construction and fitting of any basic swimsuit pattern, either a plain tank (called a maillot, pronounce MY-O) or a princess line suit. Naturally, I would love it if you bought the Denise pattern from Pin-up Girls (insert infomercial here…lol) however the fitting techniques, adjustments and construction instructions will work with any swimwear pattern.
Here’s a sneak preview of what is covered in the book:
  • An inside look at 3 types of Bust support
  • Fabrics and materials – how to choose, how to use
  • All about Bra Cups – and how to insert them
  • Measuring the Body and Fitting Adjustments
  • Bust Cup Adjustments
  • Drafting a Bra-back and Racer-back
  • Make and Insert a Free-floating Bra
  • Detailed Construction notes – from start to finish
  • Elastic Application
  • Re-shaping the legs and neckline
  • Making a Swimsuit Skirt
  • Making 2 different Tankinis from your basic suit pattern
  • Making a Swim Dress from your basic suit pattern

So if you are tired of winter (and who isn’t?) hunker down in your sewing room, burrow through your stash of swimsuit fabrics and stay warm creating some wonderful swimwear. Hopefully this little book brings some sunshine through the snow. After all, who knows when spring might make an appearance?

Make & Fit Swimwear can be purchased through the following websites:
  1. Bra-makers Supply at www.bramakers.com
  2. In Europe at B’Wear www.bwear.se
  3. In the USA at Sweet Cups www.sweetcupsbrasupply.com


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