Stockholm in the summer is one of my favourite places to be and with good reason. Not only is the weather warm (but not sticky) and the people friendly (love that Swedish accent!) but Stockholm (the Venice of the North!) is home to the European Bra Summit, and I am teaching there for the third time!

Three years ago, Bodil Friman, of B’Wear ( decided that Europe should be able to have bra-sewing conferences the way we have here in Canada. I am talking about  the Saskatchewan Stitches Conference that is held every end of May in the town of Muenster, Saskatchewan (out west in Canada!) The SSC is 11 days of sewing bras, swimwear, corsets and other lingerie. Women come from all over Canada and the USA to attend that conference.

So Bodil asked…why can’t we do that in Sweden and invite all of Europe? Why not, indeed! And so she set up classes in a hotel. The first year was a success and Bodil knew she needed to do this every year! And so the European Bra Summit was born!

This year, we are moving to a new space but still close to public transportation and close to accommodations, but a little away from the city centre (so maybe not as much traffic) Bodil has worked very hard to make this event better than ever!

Of course, we will start off on June 27-28 (Saturday and Sunday) with the Beginner Bra Class. This is the class that is now world-famous! We want to make sure everyone gets a professionally fitted and well-sewn bra to start off the conference on a positive note! 

Then on the next two-and-a-half days, why not learn to make your own swimwear? Not only will you learn to make either a princess line suit or a maillot (tank suit) you will also learn to insert my own design for a free-floating bra. That will make your swimsuit as supportive as your bra!
You will also learn how to convert the swimusit into a tankini!


Have you wanted to learn to make a bra with foam? Here’s your chance! I will be teaching all about cut-and-sew foam on July 1-2 . You will learn how to modify your pattern to use with foam and how to work with it for professional results.

Become a bra designer in this class on Style Changes July 3. This is where you will learn TWO different ways to change your bra pattern into the styles you see on the internet or in catalogs. Do you want vertical, or horizontal? How about long-line? You will see them all as each students decides what style she wants, drafts it up and sews up a cup to make sure it fits beautifully!

Everyone’s favourite bra is the Shelley Bra. On July 4-5 for 1.5 days I will show you how to transform your basic bra pattern into the Shelley Bra. Shelley uses lace on the upper cup, and a split lower cup and a power bar on the side for maximum style and comfort.


Have you wondered about what fabrics to use in your bra-making? Are you puzzled by the vast array of fabrics but are afraid to try them in case they don’t work? Well, this class on Fabrics for Bra-making held on Sunday morning July 5 is for you. it is only half a day but chock full of information and a full range of swatches of fabric for you to take home as a reference. Over 40 fabrics will be discussed and reviewed in this class!


Remember, these classes are open to anyone who sews and wants to learn bra-making! In the past, we have had students from Italy, England, Ireland, Norway, Finland, the Netherlands, Germany and of course from all over Sweden! We’ve even had students from Canada attend as well! Why not plan a longer trip to Sweden so you can have a holiday after the Summit?

For more information or to register for any of the classes (or all the classes) please email Bodil Friman at [email protected]

I hope to see you in Stockholm this summer!


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  1. Michaela
    Michaela says:

    Hi Beverly,
    just signed in for all but the beginner's class. Had to wait a little b/cause the timing is rather not so good for me, we're going on vaccation the week afterwards. So I first had to find out if I'm able to come.
    By the way: do you happen to give some tips on maternity swimwear in the swimwear class?
    I'm soo happy that I'll see you again this summer!

  2. Ilna
    Ilna says:

    Hallo Beverly. This sounds like a lot of fun! Wish I weren't on the other side of the world…. What about the design course or make your own Shelly as a new Craftsy course? I would love that.


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