The ladies in Swim Week, my 5 day swimwear class were busy finishing up their suits today. That means they will soon be ready for the beach! One lady decided to add coloured piping to the princess seams. But no fabric could be found until….we turned the fabric over and had a look at the inside of the fabric. Since the print did not telegraph through to the wrong side, the inside was perfect to use as the piping trim against the main fabric.

Here’s what the piping looks like in the seam. Pretty slick, eh? Of course the colour matches perfectly – using the wrong side of the fabric was the perfect solution to this particular fabric challenge. She also put small cord inside the piping so it would keep its shape, and present a piped edge along the princess seam. Piping also helps to hide the nipples!

Here’s the back of the suits. This bra back construction allows the suit to be as supportive as a bra! I love this bra back. It is so easy to do and feels so good. Supportive, that’s what the swimsuit has to be when you have a larger chest!

Remember the ruching panels from yesterday? Here they are in the suit along with silver grey flanges. She inserted flat fabric piping along the seams. The shape of the ruched panels gives her a curvy profile!

The first suit to be finished was this brown and turquoise suit

And the second was the ruched suit

Out of 7 students in Swim Week, 2 finished completely, and two more were very close to finishing and they promise….they will finish their suits within the next day or two! The rest were quite happy to finish up at home.  All of them will soon be ready for the beach! I don’t blame them if they were tired…learning new techniques can be exhausting!

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