Today was the second and last day of the landscape class taught by Heather Grover. Yesterday I got my layout of the waterfall done, more or less. Today I started adding textures and shadows.

Look at how layers of tulle over any fabric can simulate shadows. I used three layers of brown tulle under the rock bridge and on the rock wall. You can still see the rock print but it is definitely in shadow.

Next I added texture to the water. Heather dyed a lot of cheesecloth (in her spare time) and the results were amazing. Lots of muted colours, with subtle shade changes throughout. I chose a green grey colour with whitish patches, but added more white underneath.

Then I moved on to the actual waterfall area. I needed to make the rock wall behind the water so I cut bits of fabric and stuck it over the dark brown base

So far, so good! Now I could move on to the actual water spilling over the rocks. That’s where things turned ugly. The 15 denier sheer fabric that I thought would be perfect, turned out to have a bad attitude when it came to manipulation. So I did what I had to do…

After some time out…and a visit with another class, I had it all ripped out and pondered what to use. Cheesecloth to the rescue again. It is very easy to manipulate and it sticks to the base fabric so you can stitch it down. However, I didn’t have enough cheesecloth so I will have to get more before I can finish.

In the meantime, check out the flowers , grasses and bushes on the left side. They will add a three- dimensional aspect to the piece. The bushes are made with bits of firings, shown on the right. 
So now I am feeling better about the whole thing .

Here is the original pho graph that was the inspiration for this piece.

My little venture into the world of the artist is over for now. Heather, you are a wonderful inspiration and your work is breathtaking. But what I learned was, that I am a better teacher than a student…and I am a better technician than an artist!

Tomorrow thank goodness…I return to teaching. We are sewing swimsuits with a free floating bra built inside…nothing artistic about that..just precision sewing!  Now I am happy!
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  1. mrvlang72
    mrvlang72 says:

    I think you are an incredible artist, making bra's or your new water falls piece. Bra making is an art in it's own form, to match up the pieces to make the completed items that make many women smile at themselves for the first time in years !


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